Health Care Homes

Infographic says: Patient-centered Primary Care Team: Minnesota’s Health Care Homes.
$1 billion savings to Medicaid and Medicare from 2010 to 2014. Source: University of Minnesota, Health Care Homes, Five year program evaluation. 2016. 3.6 million served. ACCESS: Receive continuous access to your primary care team. REGISTRY:
Provider keeps track of your health goals and history. COORDINATION: 
Team of doctors, nurses and community partners prevent gaps in your care. CARE PLAN: Team helps you plan for your best health. QUALITY IMPROVEMENT:
Providers use benchmarks to improve care and reduce costs. Clinics voluntarily apply to be health care homes and certified by the Minnesota Department of Health. HEALTH CARE HOMES, health reform.

Health Care Homes Infographic (PDF)

A "health care home," also called a "medical home," is an approach to primary care in which primary care providers, families and patients work in partnership to improve health outcomes and quality of life for individuals with chronic health conditions and disabilities.

  • Payment

  • Training and updates on payment methodology.
  • Learning Collaborative

  • Opportunity for health care homes and State agencies to exchange information and enhance understanding related to quality improvement and best practices.


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