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MDH Health Care Homes invites you to find the latest news on upcoming events, webinars and other important information related to MDH Health Care Homes.

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Visit our You Tube channel to hear how Health Care Homes certification is transforming primary care and improving health for patients, families and communities.
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The HCH Certification Assessment Tool (PDF) has been updated with input from multiple users. The requirements and standards remain the same, but the new tool provides easier to understand language and formatting.
For further information, please contact your assigned MDH HCH Nurse Planner or email Health Care Homes at:

The Minnesota Department of Health announces the following clinic as a newly certified Health Care Home:

  • Winona Health – Winona Clinic

    Overall, 416 primary care clinics have been certified as Health Care Homes. Find currently certified Health Care Homes on the HCH Interactive map.

  • The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has released a report updating the status of Minnesota's 15 Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) as they strive to improve health across the state. Accountable Communities for Health meet the clinical and social needs of a population through community partnerships and person-centered, coordinated care across a range of providers. Minnesota is evaluating whether the model of care providers and communities working together results in improvements in quality, cost, and experience of care. About $5.6 million, or 14 percent, of Minnesota's State Innovation Model funds are dedicated to 15 ACH grant projects.

    The report, Advancing Health Equity (PDF)"Accountable Communities for Health: Perspectives on Grant Projects and Future Considerations", includes the following highlights:

    •An overview of the Accountable Community for Health model
    •A summary of successes and challenges as the efforts completed more than half of their 2-year funding cycle
    •Examination of similar approaches in at least four other states, and
    •Recommendations and considerations for developing the model in the future

    Please visit the Accountable Communities for Health page of the Minnesota Accountable Health Model website to download a copy of this report.

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    Health Care Homes was a topic of conversation on WCCO's Healthy Matters radio program on Sunday June 5, 2016.

    To hear Dr. Hilden interview Bonnie LaPlante, HCH Director, and Danette Holznagel, HCH Nurse Planner, as they talk about ways HCH clinics improve care for patients and families across Minnesota, go to the Healthy Matters podcast page.

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