Health Care Homes

Payment Methodology

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) convened a payment steering committee and several work groups to help develop a system of per-person care coordination payments to certified health care homes.

Minnesota’s health reform legislation required DHS, in coordination with MDH, to develop the payment system by January 1, 2010. This system was implemented on July 1, 2010. Certified clinics are now able to submit claims for payment.


Training on the payment methodology is now available. This package includes:

  • A description of the rationale for the risk-stratification used in the methodology
  • A draft tool to evaluate health care home patients and place them in appropriate complexity tiers for care coordination payments
  • Care coordination rates proposed by the Department of Human Services (DHS) for the fee-for-service Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) population

This framework is the culmination of robust, thoughtful stakeholder input. The goal for the health care homes initiative is to move toward a community standard that can be used by all payers and clinics.


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