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Health Care Homes eligible for the CPIA performance category under MIPS (PDF)

DHS HCH Care Coordination Billing Refer to the DHS HCH Provider Manual webpage for information on HCH reimbursement for the delivery of care coordination services by Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP)-enrolled providers.

Getting Denied Minnesota Medicaid - MHCP Claims? (PDF)

MHCP Managed Care Organization (MCO) Contacts Refer to the DHS website for MCO contact information.

Private insurance providers - Each insurance provider reimburses differently and needs to be contacted directly to see how they want to be billed for care coordination.

CMS Chronic Care Management Services Refer to the CMS website for the CCM fact sheet, changes for 2017, and FAQs.

MN Credentialing Collaborative This online product is an easy-to-use way to prepare, save and send the credentialing application that's accepted by Minnesota health plans and hospitals.

DHS Behavioral Health Home (BHH) Services BHH Services are administered by DHS. Refer to the DHS BHH Provider Manual webpage for information related to BHH services reimbursement.

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