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Quality Framework

As part of a set of changes to the Minnesota Statewide Quality Reporting and Measurement System implemented during the 2017 legislative session, the Minnesota Legislature directed the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to develop a framework in collaboration with a broad group of stakeholders by mid-2018 that:

  • Articulates statewide quality improvement goals;
  • Fosters alignment with other measurement efforts;
  • Identifies the most important elements for assessing the quality of care;
  • Ensures clinical relevance; and
  • Defines the roles of stakeholders.

For further details on the framework, please see the Quality Framework Fact Sheet (PDF).


In developing the framework, MDH will use a mixed-mode approach to inform and guide the process. This will include—but not be limited to—an environmental scan of quality measurement systems across the country, key informant interviews, stakeholder discussions, requests for public comment, and information on local and national quality improvement and measurement initiatives and systems. Stakeholder discussions will be facilitated by consultants from Minnesota Management and Budget’s Management Analysis and Development group. Stakeholders include: consumer, community and advocacy organizations representing diverse communities and patients; health care providers whose quality is assessed, including providers who serve primarily socioeconomically complex patient populations; health plan companies; health care purchasers; community health boards; and quality improvement and measurement organizations.

Steering Team

MDH has recruited a steering team to provide input as it develops the framework with a broader group of stakeholders. MDH will convene the team monthly and meetings will be open to the public.

Steering Team Roster (PDF)


  • Event: Stakeholder panel

Stay Informed

We will update this webpage with relevant information as the quality framework initiative progresses. Please subscribe to Statewide Quality Reporting and Measurement System announcements to be notified of project updates, including opportunities for input.

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