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Quality Incentive Payment System Methodology - Public Meetings

MN Community Measurement submitted preliminary recommendations to the Minnesota Department of Health for the methodology for the quality incentive payment system, as well as the measures that will serve as the basis for the quality incentive payment system. These preliminary recommendations are available for public review.

On behalf of MDH, MN Community Measurement held two public meetings in St. Paul and Duluth the week of February 23 to present these preliminary recommendations and solicit stakeholder input.

Preliminary Recommendations

Quality Incentive Payment System Measures and Methodology – Preliminary Recommendations (PDF: 117KB/13 pages)

Appendix A (PDF: 325KB/45 pages)

Appendix B (PDF: 235KB/24 pages)

Public Meeting Information

St. Paul Meeting
Monday, February 23, 2009

Agenda (PDF: 63KB/1 page)

Duluth Meeting

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Agenda (PDF: 68KB/1 page)

Background information

MN Community Measurement produced a comprehensive national inventory of existing incentive payment systems, pay-for-performance systems and other payment systems, as well as an inventory of performance measures in current use for pay-for-performance programs. These inventories are now available for review:

Inventory and Literature Review: Pay-for-Performance Methods and Structure (PDF: 286KB/45 pages)

Inventory: Performance Measures in Current Use for Pay-for-Performance Program (PDF: 178KB/21 pages)


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