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Health Care Quality Measures - Incentive Payment Work Group

As part of its Public Reporting and Payment Incentive contract with the Minnesota Department of Health, MN Community Measurement has subcontracted with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health’s Division of Health Policy and Management to make recommendations on a standard design for an incentive-based payment program.

Final recommendations are now available for review. Please see Quality Incentive Payment System to review the recommendations.
The Incentive Payment Work Group, which includes representatives from health plans, health informatics, hospitals, a measurement organization, physicians, the State of Minnesota, a quality-improvement organization and employers, serves in an advisory capacity to MN Community Measurement on work related to the development of the Quality Incentive Payment System. The work group functions as one of the mechanisms to ensure that the development of the Quality Incentive Payment System is a community-driven process, and in that capacity, has reviewed and discussed the University of Minnesota’s recommendations for designing an incentive-based payment system and provided feedback and recommended changes as appropriate.

The Incentive Payment Work Group met three times to discuss the preliminary recommendations for an incentive-based payment program.

Statewide Quality Reporting System and Quality Incentive Payment System Overview (PDF: 46KB/1 page)

Work Group Membership (PDF: 33KB/1 page)

Work Group Charge (PDF: 18KB/1 page)

February 20 Meeting

February 20 meeting agenda (PDF: 19KB/1 page)

February 20 meeting notes (PDF: 48KB/3 pages)

March 2 Meeting

March 2 meeting agenda (PDF: 19KB/1 page)

March 2 meeting notes (PDF: 53KB/3 pages)

March 13 Meeting

March 13 meeting agenda (PDF: 17KB/1 page)

March 13 meeting notes (PDF: 54KB/3 pages)

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