MNsure Provider Networks FAQs

What is MNsure?
MNsure is a new central health insurance marketplace for Minnesotans. Enrollment starts October 2013 with coverage beginning January 1, 2014.

Who is eligible to participate in MNsure?
Initially, individuals and families who are not covered under an employer’s plan and small businesses with up to 50 employees can use MNsure. Large employers may be allowed to participate in 2017.

How does the Minnesota Department of Health tie into MNsure?
The health plans offered by MNsure are required to meet multiple certification standards. MDH is responsible for certifying provider networks including physicians, specialists, clinics, hospitals, and other providers. In addition, MDH must review and approve the benefits and prescription drug formularies being sold by HMOs on MNsure.

What is a network?
A network is a collection of hospitals, clinics and individual providers that have signed contracts with a health insurer to provide covered services to enrollees. Enrollees often receive the most coverage at the lowest cost when they use a provider in their network.

How does MDH network information fit into the MNsure rollout on October 1?
On October 1 consumers can shop for and purchase coverage on the MNsure website. At that time, consumers can use the MNsure site to compare networks and perform more targeted searches.

Why is this information being posted before October 1?
Governor Mark Dayton wanted consumers to have this information in advance of October 1. This preview will allow consumers to become more familiar with what MNsure has to offer related to provider networks. This preview will help prepare consumers for shopping on MNsure starting October 1.

Where can I go for information about premiums associated with these networks?
Information about rates is available on the Department of Commerce website.

Updated Friday, September 06, 2013 at 08:37AM