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Provider Peer Grouping
Advisory Committee

In early August 2012, Health Commissioner Dr. Ed Ehlinger appointed members to an advisory committee to provide recommendations as the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) implements the Provider Peer Grouping system. The Commissioner appointed a group of 24 representatives from health systems/hospitals, physician clinics, health plan companies, consumers, state agencies, employers, academic researchers, and organizations that work to improve health care quality in Minnesota. 

The tasks on which the Commissioner will consult with the advisory committee include: defining peer groups; reviewing quality and cost scoring methodologies; adopting patient attribution methods; selecting risk adjustment models; choosing service dates for cost and quality reporting; recommending inclusion or exclusion of other costs; and considering whether adjustments are necessary for facilities that provide medical education, Level 1 trauma services, neonatal intensive care, or inpatient psychiatric care.

Advisory Committee Charter (PDF: 85KB/3 pages)

Advisory Committee Membership List (PDF: 25KB/2 pages)

Advisory Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the Provider Peer Grouping Advisory Committee is scheduled for October 9, 2013, 3:00-5:00 pm CST. The meeting will take place at the Neighborhood House at Wellstone Center in the West Side Room #272. The Wellstone Center is located at 179 Robie Street East, Saint Paul, MN 55107. 

Conference call-in number: 888-742-5095
Conference code: 4916649570

All meetings of the Advisory Committee are open to the public.

For more information about the Advisory Committee and the Provider Peer Grouping system, see: Provider Peer Grouping - Minnesota Dept. of Health or contact Stefan Gildemeister, Director, Health Economics Program at 651-201-3554 or Carrie Coleman, Consultant, MDH Health Economics at 651-675-7457.

Meeting Materials

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