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Archived materials for monthly stakeholder calls

  • In early April, hospitals in Minnesota received confidential reports updating the Provider Peer Grouping Hospital Total Care reports they first received in September 2011 and again in March 2013.
  • For more information including answers to frequently asked questions and additional information about data sources and the calculation of quality and payment statistics in the methodology please visit the following website: http://www.health.state.mn.us/healthreform/peer/hospitaltotalcare.html
  • Under current law (Minnesota Statutes §62.U04), the results of these reports would be shared publicly 120 days following the confidential report release. The 2014 Legislature is considering legislation on the future of the All Payer Claims Database (APCD). As part of that bill, MDH would suspend the PPG initiative and the confidential reports released in early April would not be made public. Identical bills have passed the required House and Senate committees (HF 2656 and SF 2106), and a floor vote in the House. The bill now awaits a floor vote in the Senate for final passage and signature by Governor Dayton to become law. Final information on this legislation and its impact on PPG and the APCD should be available soon.

MDH convened two webinars to share additional information on these reports with hospitals including updates on the current methodology. For more information please see the Hospital Total Care Report webpage: http://health.state.mn.us/healthreform/peer/hospitaltotalcare.html

  • Slides for January 13, 2014, conference call (PDF: 143KB/14 pages)

  • Slides for November 12, 2013, conference call (PDF: 317.33KB/9 pages)

  • Slides for September 9, 2013, conference call (PDF: 396KB/10 pages)

  • Slides for August 12, 2013, conference call (PDF: 396KB/10 pages)

  • Slides for July 8, 2013, conference call (PDF: 356KB/10 pages)

  • Slides for June10, 2013, conference call (PDF: 344KB/10 pages)

  • Slides for May 13, 2013, conference call (PDF: 152KB/14 pages)

  • Slides for April 8, 2013, conference call (PDF: 336KB/15 pages)

  • Slides for February 11, 2013, conference call (PDF: 257KB/13 pages)

  • Slides for December 10, 2012, conference call (PDF: 256KB/19 pages)

  • Slides for November 19, 2012, conference call (PDF: 281KB/22 pages)

  • The October 8, 2012 conference call has been cancelled.

  • Slides for September 10, 2012, conference call (PDF: 376KB/18 Pages)

  • The August 13, 2012 conference call has been cancelled. Please refer to the August 13, 2012 slide deck (PDF: 184KB/17 pages) for updates on the Provider Peer Grouping Advisory Committee appointments and first meeting.

  • Slides for July 9, 2012, conference call (PDF: 337KB/15 pages)

  • The June 11, 2012 conference call has been cancelled.

  • Slides for May 14, 2012, conference call (PDF: 315KB/14 pages)

  • Slides for April 9, 2012, conference call (PDF: 108KB/14 pages)

  • The March 12, 2012 conference call has been cancelled.

  • Slides for February 13, 2012, conference call (PDF: 376KB/19 pages)

  • Slides for January 17, 2012, conference call (PDF: 418KB/16 pages)

  • Slides for December 12, 2011, conference call - UPDATED (PDF: 520KB/30 pages)

  • Slides for November 21, 2011, conference call (PDF: 377KB/16 pages)

  • Slides for September 12, 2011, conference call (PDF: 132KB/18 pages)

  • Slides for August 22, 2011, conference call (PDF: 169KB/22 pages)

  • Slides for June 13, 2011, conference call (PDF: 150KB/23 pages)

  • Slides for May 9, 2011, conference call (PDF: 172KB/24 pages)

  • Slides for April 11, 2011, conference call (PDF: 152KB/24 pages)

  • Slides for March 14, 2011, conference call - UPDATED (PDF: 185KB/28 pages)

  • Slides for January 18, 2011, conference call (PDF: 150KB/22 pages)

  • Slides for December 13, 2010, conference call (PDF:113KB/22 pages)

  • Slides for November 8, 2010, conference call (PDF: 95KB/24 pages)

  • Slides for October 11, 2010, conference call (PDF: 88KB/21 pages)

  • Slides for September 13 & 15, 2010, conference calls (PDF: 179KB/14 pages)

  • Slides for August 9, 2010, conference call (PDF: 113KB/13 pages)

  • Slides for June 14, 2010, conference call (PDF: 127KB/17 pages)

  • Slides for May 10, 2010, conference call (PDF: 167KB/21 pages)
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