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Provider Peer Grouping -
Reliability Work Group

Minnesota Statutes 62U.04 requires the Commissioner to consult with providers, health plans, purchasers and consumers regarding an appropriate minimum reliability threshold for the peer grouping results. For this purpose, the Minnesota Department of Health convened a Reliability Work Group to provide advice about how to consider reliability for the peer grouping analysis and for MDH to convey information about reliability related to specific methodological issues. 

The work group’s first meeting was held in December 2010. 

Reliability Work Group Charter (PDF: 116KB/2 pages)

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Membership List

Reliability Work Group Membership List (PDF: 28KB/1 page)

June 23, 2011 Meeting

Meeting Agenda (PDF: 27KB/1 page)

Outlier and Reliability Analyses for Hospital Total Care Costs Information (PDF: 161KB/17 pages)

Presentation by Katie Burns - Provider Peer Grouping Reliability Work Group (PDF: 130KB/9 pages)

Presentation by Eric Schone - Outlier Adjustments and Reporting Thresholds (PDF: 149KB/13 pages)

December 13, 2010 Meeting

Meeting Agenda (PDF: 31KB/1 page)

Presentation by James Golden – Provider Peer Grouping Overview (PDF: 61KB/12 pages)

Presentation by Eric Schone – Reliability for Peer Grouping (PDF: 167KB/9 pages)

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