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Provider Peer Grouping Rapid Reponse Team (RRT)

The Minnesota Department of Health has convened a Rapid Response Team (RRT) comprised of providers, purchasers and consumers, to provide input on significant methodological issues that arise during implementation of provider peer grouping. Members of the RRT are presented with material about a provider peer grouping decision point and related options, how the decision point fits into the broader context of the project, and some research and/or analysis on the issue. RRT members work independently with their stakeholder groups to solicit opinions about each issue presented to them.

The RRT began work in late April 2010.

Rapid Response Team Charter (PDF: 20KB/2 pages)

Issues for Review

Tools for Clinic Level Peer Grouping

Quality Composite Measure Design

Risk Adjustment of Costs

Peer Grouping for Specific Conditions

Attribution of Patients to Providers
MDH solicited feedback from the RRT twice on this issue.

Hospital Peer Groups


Mark Sonneborn, Vice President, Information Services
Minnesota Hospital Association

Janet Silversmith, Director of Department of Health Policy
Minnesota Medical Association

Marie Zimmerman, Health Care Program Manager
Minnesota Department of Human Services

Margaret Ranheim, Director of Provider Analytics

Katherine Lust, Associate Program Director
Boynton Health Service, University of Minnesota

Andy McCoy, Vice President of Management
Fairview Health Services

Dave Knutson, Sr. Research Fellow
University of Minnesota

Chad Heim, Sr. Director of Health Informatics

Jim Naessens, Associate Professor
Mayo Clinic

Ann Kuffel, Clinic Administrator
France Avenue Family Physicians

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