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Notice of Availability of Contract for Provider Peer Grouping

The Minnesota Department of Health requests proposals from highly qualified respondents to perform an analysis of health care providers on dimensions of cost and quality, using multi-payer claims data and quality data reported from physician clinics and hospitals.

Specifically, the Minnesota Department of Health seeks proposals to implement a peer grouping system based on a combined measure of risk-adjusted cost and quality, in total and for up to six identified specific health conditions. Comparisons must be made for physicians and hospitals. The contractor must work in a highly collaborative fashion with MDH and will be responsible for identifying key decision points, potential challenges and possible solutions for decision making by MDH staff. The contractor must use commercially available episode grouper and risk adjustment tools and be transparent about how these tools work. The contractor will be responsible for testing various iterations of the peer grouping methodology and reporting back to MDH staff about data findings. The analysis must result in a combined score of cost and quality for physicians and hospitals as well as a comparison of these composite scores. The contractor will also distribute results of the peer grouping analysis to physicians and hospitals and provide technical assistance to providers to help them understand their peer grouping results.  

Work is proposed to start after February 1, 2010.

A Request for Proposals will be available by email from this office. A written request (by e-mail) is required to receive the Request for Proposal. 

The Request for Proposal can be obtained from:

Katie Burns
Health Economics Program
85 E. 7th Place, Suite 220
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Phone: 651 201-3562
Fax: 651 201-5179

Proposals submitted in response to the Request for Proposals in this advertisement must be received at the address above no later than 4 p.m., Central Time, December 23, 2009. Late proposals will not be considered. Fax or e-mailed proposals will not be considered.

This request does not obligate the State to complete the work contemplated in this notice. The State reserves the right to cancel this solicitation. All expenses incurred in responding to this notice are solely the responsibility of the responder.

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