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Assessment of Health Care Home Readiness RFP

Q: [A] question regarding the health care home assessment of readiness RFP. The following statement appears in the scope of work for Task 1, starting at the bottom of page 1:

When available this assessment should use existing validated tools and utilize human resource data available in MDH, the MN Department of Employment and Economic Data, licensing boards, etc.

Can you elaborate on some of the tools and data MDH has in mind and how they are to be used in the assessment?

A: Validated tools that may used in assessing readiness may include such things as process evaluation tools, self-assessment tools, and patient/consumer satisfaction surveys (referred to in the RFP) about which the responder is familiar. Data available may include information about different cadres of professionals and where they are practicing around the state, numbers of individuals with chronic and/or complex conditions, etc.


Q: Does the department anticipate that the readiness assessment would take place entirely in a group setting (i.e., a series of regional focus groups/forums) or are site visits to individual primary care clinics also anticipated? If individual site visits are anticipated, does the dept. have a specific number in mind?

A: While we anticipate that focus groups/forums will be utilized, we are not precluding site visits from any proposed approach. We will look to the responders to propose strategies that will best determine readiness given the available resources and the time frame in which this activity needs to be completed.


Q: Can we submit a budget with hourly rates instead of salary and fringe benefits?

A: Yes.


Q: Segment sizes - How many patient/consumer segments should we assume?
How many providers/clinics have been identified as possible health care homes in the state?
To what degree can assessment work be organized around state regions, or is there a different, preferred organizing framework that MDH is already using?
These questions reflect a great deal on how many surveys, focus groups, interviews
we'd need to conduct to be statistically reliable and/or directionally correct. Does MDH have a preference?
How much assistance could we expect from the MDH team? What type?
Are MDH staff available to do site visits in Greater Minnesota for example?
Are the tools to assess capacity currently available from MDH? If so, have they been piloted?
Does a database exist to store and analyze the data?

A: MDH/DHS would like the responder to tell us what is believed to be possible given the time frame and resources available. Currently, there are 26 practices identified as medical homes within MDH's on-going Medical Home activity. Information about the extent to which other practices or practitioners identify themselves as health care or medical homes isn't available. A regional approach may be used but it need not be the only approach proposed. There may be some limited state staff time available, but we'd like you to propose what you think would be needed to obtain results with or without assistance. We have not identified tools that should be used in this assessment nor have we developed a database to specifically house and analyze these data.


Q. Is it MDH's goal to identify and assess all possible practices that fit the health care home criteria, or, are you looking for an in-depth
assessment of the current 26 that can be extrapolated to the population of practices as a whole?

A: The goal is have a broad understanding of the capacity of primary providers to become health care homes based on the criteria listed in the solicitation and others the responder might articulate. It is not meant to identify which specific practices or practitioners meet the criteria.


Q. Is it your perspective that information from Greater Minnesota is of higher importance than the metropolitan area?

A: We place no greater importance on any particular region of the state.


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