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SHIP 4 Implementation Guides

SHIP 4 Foundational Skills Implementation Guides

Resources for Targeting People Over Age 60 (SHIP 3)

Chronic Disease Maps

Healthy Eating Planning Tools (SHIP 3)

Child Care Planning Tools (SHIP 3)

Assessment and Action Planning Tools

Training Information

Tools for Identifying Programs that Serve Low-Income Children

Health Care Resources (SHIP 3)

Planning Tools
Appendices A-O: Planning Tools
(PDF: 714KB/34 pages)

Provider Champion Presentation
Appendix G: Provider Champion Presentation
(PDF 2.7MB/77 pages)

Screening Tools
Appendices P-V: Screening Tools
(PDF: 1.1MB/12 pages)

Counseling Tools (Appendix W, What Works, and Audit Tools)
Appendix W: Collaborative Decision-Making and Brief Interventions (PDF: 34KB/2 pages)
What Works in Healthcare With References (PDF: 219KB/6 pages)
Parnership4Health Sample Chart Audit FAQ (PDF: 559KB/5 pages)
Parnership4Health Sample Chart Audit Form Instructions (PDF: 249KB/6 pages)
Parnership4Health Sample Chart Audit Form Protocol-Instructions (PDF: 171KB/2 pages)
Parnership4Health Sample Chart Audit Form Excel (XLS: 49KB/1 page)
Hennepin SHIP Chart Audit Tool (XLS: 34KB/1 page)

Referral Clinician Tools
Appendices KK-QQ: Referral Clinician Tools
(1.8MB/17 pages)

Referral Process Tools
Appendices X-JJ: Referral Process Tools
(PDF: 3.5MB/71 pages)

Prevention in Health Care Appendices (In One Document) (PDF: 8.62MB/211 pages)

Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity for Adults-Draft Benefit Set (PDF: 148KB/3 pages)

SHIP Conference Call on Prevention in Health Care: Screen, Counsel, Refer, Follow-up
Resouces from February 9, 2012 Call
Example of EPIC SmartTexts (PDF: 476KB/1 page)
HCH Skill Building Workshop Motivational Interviewing (PDF: 37KB/1 page)
ICSI 2012 Colloquium Flyer (PDF: 260KB/1 page)
Resource Sheet for Health Care (PDF: 176KB/2 pages)

Health Care Provider Toolkit for Obesity and Chronic Disease Prevention
Reducing barriers to preventive care by improving billing and coding practices for providers, from the Minneapolis Health Care Workgroup

Tipping the Scales Improving weight management services in primary care settings (PDF: 296KB/17 pages)
Weight Management intro letter (PDF: 340KB/2 pages)
Weight management services (PDF: 319KB/3 pages)
MN Clinic Systems Programs and Services Jan 2011 (DOCX: 52KB/2 pages)
MN Health Insurers Prevention Programs and Services Jan 2011 (DOCX: 87KB/2 pages)
Smoking cessation services (PDF: 316KB/3 pages)
How to use coding (PDF: 480KB/14pages)

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