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Health Equity Data Analysis requirements for SHIP 4

Completing a Health Equity Data Analysis (HEDA) is a requirement of SHIP 4. Originally, this was due Oct. 31, 2016. Under the updated timeline, all grantees must complete a health equity data analysis by Oct. 31, 2017, the end of year 2 of the SHIP 4 grant.

The 10 grantees piloting the Data Guide will complete a HEDA by November 2016.

Grantees who are not part of the pilot can either:

  • Begin the HEDA process now or soon, before the Guide is refined and the roll out more fully developed during the pilot period; or
  • Begin the HEDA process in November 2016, once the Guide is refined and roll out developed. There will not be a formal Community of Practice for the launch of the refined Guide. But you will be able to seek guidance from the grantees who piloted the process, from SHIP staff and from the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics.

If you decide to move forward now, you are not on your own!  Please reach out to Ann Kinney from the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics and your Community Specialist. We want to emphasize that you can ask for and receive the same level of support from MCHS and SHIP that has always been available to you.

The Data Guide is available on the Minnesota Center for Health Statistics website, along with numerous resources. The final product for the Health Equity Data Analysis is still being determined as part of the pilot, but we will want to see some documentation of how you worked through the five steps in the Guide.

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Updated Tuesday, September 06, 2016 at 09:10AM