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Baskets of Care Request for Proposals (RFP) Tentative Consolidated Task Timeline

RFP process:

• October 13, 2008: RFP made available.
• October 20, 2008: Written questions must be submitted by 4 pm.
• October 23, 2008: Conference call held with prospective respondents.
• October 27, 2008: Written responses to submitted questions will be distributed
by this date.
• November 17, 2008: Responses to RFP due.
• November 26, 2008: Contractor chosen by this date.
• December 5, 2008: Contract in place.

Task One: Identification and Definition of Baskets

• December 16, 2008: Steering committee will meet for first time on this date, with goal of choosing seven baskets of care. (The Health Department will recruit members for the steering committee and handle logistics for this first meeting. Contractor is expected to facilitate.)
• January 8, 2009: Deadline for steering committee to choose seven baskets of care and make recommendations about who should participate on subcommittee for each basket of care.
• February 6, 2009: Subcommittees must begin to meet by this date.
• April 6, 2009: Subcommittees must complete their work by this date.
• April 22, 2009: Steering committee must meet by this date to review the recommendations of each subcommittee.
• May 6, 2009: Contractor submits final recommendation of full steering committee on uniform definitions of each identified basket to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Task Two: Establishing Quality Measures for Baskets of Care

• June 15, 2009: Contractor must submit background information and, to the extent possible, an inventory of existing quality measures related to baskets of care.
• July 15, 2009: Contractor must share summary of this background information with steering committee and subcommittee members in a public meeting by this date.
• August 15, 2009: Contractor must propose a preliminary performance measurement framework and specific quality measures to steering committee and subcommittee members in a public meeting by this date.
• October 15, 2009: Contractor must submit final recommendations with specific quality measures by this date.

Task Three: Identify and Propose Solutions to Operational and Administrative

• July 15, 2009: Contractor must convene steering committee for its first discussion on operational and administrative challenges in use of baskets by this date.
• September 1, 2009: Contractor must submit document identifying operational and administrative challenges and proposed solutions to the Minnesota Department of Health by this date.

Task Four: Provide Education and Outreach to Relevant Health Care Providers

• June 1, 2009: Contractor must submit specific plan for outreach effort to relevant health care providers about the defined baskets of care.
• July 1, 2009: Upon written approval from the Minnesota Department of Health, contractor must begin to implement education plan by this date.


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