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Health Workforce Shortage Study Work Group

In May 2008, as part of its health reform efforts, the Minnesota Legislature passed legislation (SF 3780, Article 2, section 5) that requires "the commissioner of health, in consultation with the health licensing boards and professional associations, shall study changes necessary in health professional licensure and regulation to ensure full utilization of advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, and other licensed health care professionals in the health care home and primary care delivery system. The commissioner shall make recommendations to the legislature by January 15, 2009."

Final Report

Final Report (PDF: 292KB/49 pages)


Meeting schedule
Note: November 13 work group meeting is canceled.

Agendas, background information and minutes:


Project summary and timeline (PDF: 42KB/2 pages)

Work plan (PDF: 34KB/1 page)

Minnesota Session Laws 2008: CHAPTER 358 - Workforce Shortage Study (PDF: 21KB/1 page)


Health Workforce Shortage Work Group members (PDF: 50KB/2 pages)

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