Healthy Minnesota 2020: Statewide Health Improvement Framework - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Healthy Minnesota 2020

Framework and Core Indicators

Statewide Health Improvement Framework


Healthy Minnesota 2020 Core Indicators

A Healthy Start for All

Capitalize on the opportunity to influence health in early childhood
1.1   By 2020, more mothers in every racial/ethnic population access first-trimester prenatal care.
1.2   By 2020, more Minnesota children are exclusively breastfed for six months.
1.3   By 2020, fewer Minnesota households experience food insecurity.

An Equal Opportunity for Health

Assure that the opportunity to be healthy is available everywhere and for everyone
2.1   By 2020, more students from every population group graduate from high school within four years.
2.2   By 2020, Minnesota's racial and ethnic inequities in income are reduced.
2.3   By 2020, Minnesota students feel safe at and on the way to and from school.

Communities Creating Health

Strengthen communities to create their own healthy futures
3.1   By 2020, communities across Minnesota have more small businesses and more women- and minority-owned businesses.
3.2   By 2020, populations that currently have low rates of home ownership are better able to afford and own homes.
3.3   By 2020, racial/ethnic inequities in incarceration rates in Minnesota are diminished.