Healthy Minnesota Partnership Annual Reports


Healthy Minnesota 2020 Update: 2014 Annual Report of the Healthy Minnesota Partnership (PDF)

In 2014, the Healthy Minnesota Partnership continued to implement the Healthy Minnesota 2020 Framework with activities including:

  • Development of performance measures to monitor progress on Partnership activities.
  • Identification of minimum wage as a "strategic opportunity" to increase the opportunity of people in Minnesota to be healthy.
  • Development of narrative frames and messaging on income and health to advance a health in all policies approach to this strategic opportunity
  • Formation of "mini-partnerships" among the Partnership members and others to take action on the strategic opportunities.
  • An annual review of the key conditions for health and chronic disease and injury indicators.
  • Participation in the development of a report on health equity by the Minnesota Department of Health.
12/2013 Healthy Minnesota 2020 Update: 2013 Annual Report (PDF)

In 2013, the Healthy Minnesota Partnership began the work of implementing the Healthy Minnesota 2020 framework with activities that included the following:

  • A subgroup to promote and advocate that the opportunity to be healthy is incorporated and promoted in public and private policies
  • Partnership discussions, held with a variety of sectors, to bring attention to public health issues, monitor progress on statewide efforts, and promote efforts toward the Healthy Minnesota 2020 themes
  • An annual review of key indicators