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2017 Minnesota Statewide Health Assessment Discussions

Discussion Guide
Discussion Guide for the 2017 Minnesota Statewide Health Assessment (PDF)

Statewide Health Assessment Overview
2017 Minnesota Statewide Health Assessment: A Brief Overview (PDF)

About the Discussion Guide

The 2017 Minnesota Statewide Health Assessment provides an overall picture of health and the conditions for health, but does not go into detail on all possible topics, or give action steps to improve health.

However, the assessment’s data and the framing (opportunity, nature, belonging) provide an entry point for many people and institutions across the state to expand their understanding of how health is created and to consider their contribution to creating a healthier Minnesota. Discussions using this framing can deepen understanding by connecting the information in the assessment to the real-life experiences and conditions of people across Minnesota.

This discussion guide will provide guidance for preparing and leading small group discussions about health. It includes questions and considerations to prepare for the discussions, including:

  • What you hope for as the results of the discussion/s you will hold
  • Who should/could participate in the discussion/s
  • Which section of the assessment should be your focus
  • Which questions will best suit your purpose