Best practices in injury prevention

Best Practices in Injury Prevention

In Minnesota and nationwide, we have developed skills in collecting and analyzing data about injury. We know a great deal about:

  • How serious a problem injuries are,
  • Who is affected,
  • What causes injuries,
  • Where and how they occur,
  • How they are treated, and
  • How much they cost to individuals and society.

The following best practices include information on the magnitude of the problem, strategies that have proven successful in achieving injury prevention objectives, and resources for further information.

Bicycle Injuries (September 2002 )

Drowning (May 2004 )

Falls (January 2003 )

Firearm Injuries (November 2002 )

Home Fires (July 2003 )

Intimate Partner Violence (March 2003 )

Motor Vehicle Crashes (September 2002 )

Poisonings (August 2004 )

Youth Violence (February 2003 )

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