Hospital Data

This data set represents approximately 95% of all patient discharge data for injuries in Minnesota.
The data set contains no personal identifiers.
The system will produce a report with counts by predefined age groups.
An option to include age adjusted rates is also available using these types of reports.
Once all criteria is selected, press the submit button.

  • State of Minnesota will total for entire state of Minnesota.
  • Selecting a single Region/County will provide counts for the specified highlighted region/county.
  • Selecting All Injuries/Results not limit query to a specific Injury/Result.
  • Selecting a single Injury/Result will query only for the specified highlighted Injury/Result.
  • View the current MN TBI/SCI case definition
  • Combine Mechanisms will total for all mechanisms/causes of injury.
  • Selecting a single Mechanism/Cause will provide counts for the specified highlighted mechanism/cause.
  • You may select up to 5 individual mechnisms to compare by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting them.
  • View the Mechanisms E Code Matrix
  • Combine Manners of Intent will total for all manners/intents.
  • Compare Manners of Intent will compare all manners/intents.
  • Selecting a single Manner/Intent will provide counts for the specified highlighted manner/intent.
  • Combine Types of Care will total for both types of care.
  • Compare Types of Care will produce a list for both types of care.
  • Selecting a single Type of Care will provide counts for the specified highlighted type of care.
  • NOTE: ER/ED data currently contains rehabilitation counts.
  • Combine Outcomes will total for both outcomes.
  • Compare Outcomes will produce a list for both outcomes.
  • Selecting a single Outcome will provide counts for the specified highlighted outcome.
  • Combine Genders will produce a total for all genders.
  • Compare Genders will produce a list for all genders.
  • Selecting a single Gender will provide counts for the specified highlighted gender.


Age-adjusted rates allow for more meaningful comparison of the occurrence of injury. Age specific rates are calculated by dividing the numerator by the actual population of the county for the specified year. The age-adjusted rate is calculated using the U.S. 2000 standard population and is found in the total column. Rates are per 100,000 population.

All reports are grouped by age (e.g. 'under 1yr', '1-4yr', '5-9yr') in five year increments.


To print the report results:
  1. Press the "Print this page" button on the report page.
  2. Report is best printed in landscape orientation.
To save or download the report results:
  1. Using your browser, Select FILE >> SAVE AS
  2. Choose a file name you will remember (e.g. MetroAreaFireArmDeaths-2001.htm)
  3. Select SAVE
  4. Then you can open the saved HTML file in most current word processing or spreadsheet packages

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The Minnesota Department of Health attempts to report all data accurately. If you discover an error, please contact us at
By using this system, you agree to not share these data in ways that would identify individuals or provide information on any malicious acts.