Moving Beyond Imagination E-News

Moving Beyond Imagination E-News

June 01, 2010
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In this issue:
1. Introduction
2. The teams and new direction
3. Now … we need you!!

1. Introduction

Issue #5: June 2010

We’re back, with renewed energy and focus!

The Sexual Violence Prevention Program has new direction, a new focus for the coming 18 months, and the nucleus of four teams that have begun work to achieve some specific actions.

Sixty people attended the May 3 All-Team meeting to hear of the work of the Leadership Team and to select an 18-month focus, which is:

Creating a healthy, respectful environment in Minnesota
that does not sexually exploit children.

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2. The teams and new direction

The attendees of the May 3 All-Team meeting met in small groups devoted to making a difference in the following areas.
Following the teams’ names are some of the projects they are considering.


  • Influence a more positive, less exploitive, portrayal of children and youth in entertainment and news media.
  • Highlight and recognize good messages in the media.
  • Create or adapt a toolkit for parents on the sexual exploitation of children.

Faith Communities

  • Increase the number of prevention champions in faith groups/communities.
  • Create a short list of key concepts that all faith communities can sign on to – show that they worked together for a healthy environment for children.
  • Create a prevention plan or tool kit to help those in faith communities advance sexual violence prevention.

Healthy Environment in Schools

  • Assess what a “healthy environment in schools” would look like.
  • Assess what is working and where there are gaps. Then develop best practices for awareness/norm changing initiatives.
  • Develop materials for educators on how to advance primary prevention efforts/policy and create a safe, healthy, and equitable environment.
  • Make sure programming/efforts are inclusive and accessible to the disability community.
  • Recommend policies to change the school environment, for example, to encourage students to prevent violence as active bystanders.


  • Develop a series of Research Briefs to help interpret relevant research for practitioners.
  • Gather Minnesota researchers to share findings.
  • Serve as a resource for other project areas with regard to their research information needs.

Another group, Community Prevention Champions, met during the All-Team meeting but will not be a formal team. The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the Minnesota Men’s Action Network, and the Minnesota Department of Health will continue work on identifying champions and partners around the state and will be seeking input and support. You’ll be hearing more about this soon!

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3. Now … we need you!!

Which of the four groups interests you? Please reply to with one or more choice(s): Media, Faith Communities, Healthy Environment in Schools, Resources. We will put you in touch with the facilitator(s). Please select at least one of the new teams: You are needed!

Thank you so much for your continued involvement!

 - Leadership Team, Minnesota Sexual Violence Prevention Program


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