Moving Beyond Imagination E-News

Moving Beyond Imagination E-News

June 2011
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In this issue:
1. A few words from Patty
2. New Fact Sheet: Impact of Media on Children
3. There is still time to register for the Research Symposium
4. SVP team wishes happy retirement to Evelyn Anderson!

1. A few words from Patty

My sister left me a voice mail yesterday that said, “You are essential to me.” I saved it, because “essential” is a word I have been hearing a lot lately.

As you read this, there might have been a decision on whether or not the state shuts down July 1. Our work might not be considered “essential” by current definitions. How could we tell the next victim that we were trying to prevent sexual violence but had to stop because someone deemed it non-critical or non-essential?

I know that I am struggling with what the potential state shutdown might mean to me personally, and to all of you, and to our many partners who do this incredible work. I know the value of all of your commitment and the difference you make in our communities and I am so grateful for all of you.

Few of us get into sexual violence prevention work without some personal tie to it. My work is my life and my life is consistent with my work. It is unfathomable for someone to tell me I can’t work. I am still trying to figure out what I might do with this unwanted time off. Your suggestions are most welcome!

Whether or not a shutdown occurs, you are essential to me and to everyone who experiences sexual violence. You are building a world where sexual violence is unacceptable. You have had the courage to imagine…what the world looks like without sexual violence. You have helped us to plan how we get there.

With our state plan and our action teams we have started to make that vision a reality. We are starting to turn around how we view the problem and how we can collectively stand up to make changes in our own lives, in our families and in our communities. We are building individual champions and champion communities. We are building hope for future generations. We are strengthening our voices and we are being heard.

If we do not work in July, we can call our friends and family members and neighbors and community members who have supported us and let them know that they too are “essential,” critically needed to prevent sexual violence. Perhaps they will play the message back when times get tough, as I have played back my sister’s message.

All of us on the sexual violence prevention team – Amy, Mark, Doug, Ilana, Chris, Evelyn and I -- are so grateful for all of your work and support. We wish you all a wonderful summer and hope to be in touch with you all soon.

With hope, the essential ingredient in all of our lives,

- Patty Wetterling

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2. New Fact Sheet: Impact of Media on Children

This new fact sheet, Normalization of Sexual Harm (PDF: 140KB/2 pages) , describes:
1) The impact of our pop-cultural stew of sexual messages on the development of our children and teens; and
2) How our societal view of what is acceptable has changed over time.

It is designed to serve as a primer for those unfamiliar with the topic. It can be a written or leave behind piece when meeting with anyone (a legislator, an educator, an advertising or retail executive) about these issues. The letter, Normalization of Sexual Harm-Template (DOCX: 18KB/1 page) can be a companion to the fact sheet.

This fact sheet is based in great part on the work of Cordelia Anderson, the founder of Sensibilities Prevention Services, and has been adopted by the Media Action Team of the Sexual Violence Prevention Program.

Please feel free to share it in any way you find useful. To help us evaluate the effectiveness and “reach” of the fact sheet, please email to describe how you used it, or how you plan to use it.

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3. There is still time to register for the Research Symposium

Research Symposion Image

This invitation- only event will bring together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to learn current trends in sexual violence research.

8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Friday, August 26, 2011
Snelling Office Park, St. Paul

Minnesota Health Commissioner Dr. Edward Ehlinger will introduce the event. Keynote national speakers include:

  • Raymond A. Knight, Brandeis University, one of the nation’s leading authorities on primary prevention of sexual abuse.
  • Sandy K. Wurtele, University of Colorado, co-author of Preventing Child Abuse: Sharing the Responsibility

In addition, a panel of Minnesota researchers will share their findings.

If you have questions about this event contact Steve Sawyer at


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4. SVP team wishes happy retirement to Evelyn Anderson!

We on the Sexual Violence Prevention Team at MDH wish a happy retirement to Evelyn Anderson, who retires June 30. We are so grateful for her hard work and commitment to preventing sexual violence as well as her unfailing assistance to prevent victimization of people with disabilities. She will be sorely missed!

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