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March 23, 2007

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  For information and resources link to:  For a listing of Minnesota activities and events link to: and (these sites will continue to be updated during SAAM so be sure to check for new information)

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17th Annual MN Conference on Adolescent Females, April 17-18, 2007


*Dr. Rose Brewer, Professor, U of MN: Focusing on the Issues of Race, Class, and Gender

*Dr. James Garbarino, Professor, Loyola University, Chicago: Author of "See Jane Hit"

*Gloria Lewis, Executive Director, Big Brothers/Big Sister: The Impact of Mentoring on Girls


This conference offers a variety of educational and creative learning opportunities for women and men who work with adolescent girls.  The conference offers a variety of workshops, panels featuring girls speaking for themselves, creative arts performances, and a book and resource fair.  The conference is designed to enlighten, support, and inspire all professionals who are concerned about the future of adolescent's girls.  For additional questions about presenting in workshops or vendor/sponsor information, please contact Candy Nordine, 507-664-3531.


WHEN: April 17-18, 2007 (Tues/Wed)
WHERE: U of MN Continuing Education & Conference Center, St. Paul campus, MN
WHO: Social Workers, Girls Program Specialist, Probation/Juvenile Officers, Teachers, Health Care Providers, Foster Parents, Residential Staff, Youth Workers/Advocates, Court Personnel, and all other women and men who care about the future of adolescent girls.

Registration fees: Both days - $150, One day - $85 (scholarships are available & CEU's are available)
Log on to register:

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MNCASA AWARE Event, April 25, 2007

Announcing the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault's First Annual AWARE Event - An evening event to celebrate and honor the work of MNCASA and partner programs around the state toward ending sexual violence, honoring special guests for their work, and supporting MNCASA's growth as a policy leader on sexual violence issues.  For more information link to: or call Dresden Jones at 651/209-9993 x201.

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The Crime of Stalking - Building on a Community Response to Enhance Victim Safety, May 1, 2007

Come to learn: information on the crime of stalking; a foundational understanding of the danger and lethality of stalking; the unique challenges faced when working with victims of stalking.  With a better understanding of stalking, professionals can help create an atmosphere where progress can be made in improving the overall system's response to the crime of stalking.  The ultimate goal is to keep victims safe and decrease the potential for violence and even death. 
Date: May 1, 2007
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location, Law Enforcement Center, Red Wing, MN
For more information contact Jennifer at 651-388-9360 ext 15

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Broken Trusts, Broken Childhoods: View on-line

The Sexual Abuse Prevention Network in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) has produced a moving documentary about childhood sexual abuse within the school system. 


The program addresses a pervasive problem in American society.  It is also about hope - hope for survivors, their families, and our children.  Portions of the program are from a panel discussion held in Bloomington, Minnesota in December 2006 keynoted by national expert Charol Shakeshaft, Ph.D. of Hofstra University, interspersed with interviews of three survivors and the mother of a victim.


Copies of this program will soon be available on DVD. To obtain a copy, please call (651) 215-9913.  To view the program on-line link to:{BC974D9E-FB6B-4751-8079-08D8FADB19E1}

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Cyberbullying Campaign

Bullying is a widespread problem for our nation's youth, and with the rapid rise in electronic communications, cyberbullying - using the internet or mobile devices to send to post harmful or cruel text or images - has become a serious issue.  According to the National Crime Prevention Council, 43 percent of teens 13-17 years old say they have experienced cyberbullying in the past year.  Furthermore, teen girls are the biggest perpetrators.  Our study found that nine in ten teens who have experienced cyberbullying (92%) report that they know the person bullying them.  Additionally, teens are twice as likely to talk to a friend about the incident rather than their parents or another adult.  This initiative is designed to counteract cyberbullying through education, encouraging tweens and teens to play a role in ending the cyberbullying chain.

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Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Campaign For A Commercial-Free Childhood (formerly Stop Commercial Exploitation of Children) is a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups and concerned parents who counter the harmful effects of marketing to children through action, advocacy, education, research, and collaboration. This is an excellent resource for mobilizing against offensive ads & products.  Link to

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Sexual Violence Justice Institute Newsletter available on-line

The MNCASA Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI) Newsletter is available on-line  Included in this edition is an article on SVJI's role in training MN Army and Air Guard on a new Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program.  In addition, Kaarin Long, MNCASA/SVJI staff attorney has been invited to participate on a nationwide planning committee for the military response to sexual violence.

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Understanding Treatment for Adults and Juveniles Who Have Committed Sex Offenses

The Center for Sex Offender Management has published a report, "Understanding Treatment for Adults and Juveniles Who Have Committed Sex Offenses."  The center is a project of the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ's) Office of Justice ProgramsTo access the report, link to: , in collaboration with DOJ's National Institute of Corrections, the American Probation and Parole Association, and the State Justice Institute. The report provides a broad overview of current research, professional literature, and practice trends related to treating adults and juveniles who have committed sex offenses. 

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New Book: Honor Betrayed, Sexual Abuse in the U.S. Military

Honor Betrayed, Sexual Abuse in the U.S. Military, Dr. Mic Hunter (  Over the years the media has continued to report on sexual abuse scandals in the military; whether at West Point, Tailhook, or the Air Force Academy the stories are the same - discrimination, harassment, even rape. Military and civilian leaders respond that the claims are exaggerated or merely the result of "a few bad apples." Although investigations are held and policies issued, little significant change to the culture of the military takes place. Dr. Hunter goes behind the headlines to examine the underlying factors that, not only contribute to, but actually encourage, sexual abuse in the military. Honor Betrayed examines how traditional military training leads to the creation of an environment hostile to men perceived to be homosexual and to all women. Honor Betrayed includes numerous first-person accounts of American servicewomen and men who were sexually abused by their comrades, including one woman's case that was heard before the U.S. Supreme Court. Dr. Hunter describes how wide spread sexual abuse contributed to the recent prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq. Honor Betrayed does more than identify the problem. Hunter provides specific actions the military can take to reduce the incidence of sexual abuse and thereby improve the mission readiness and effectiveness of the armed forces to face the challenges of the 21st century.
ISBN 1-56980-325-0 & bookstores in April of 2007.

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Two new Alan Berkowitz articles: Fostering Healthy Norms to Prevent Violence and Abuse: The Social Norms Approach; and Guidelines for Sanctioning Perpetrators of Sexual Assault

Alan Berkowitz, a pioneer in developing social norms education, has posted two new articles on his website, link to:
- Fostering Healthy Norms to Prevent Violence and Abuse: The Social Norms Approach
- Guidelines for Sanctioning Perpetrators of Sexual Assault

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Target Store Grants: Focus on Reading, Arts and Family Violence Prevention

Each year local Target stores provide thousands of dollars in grants to their local communities. Link to: for Target store grants focusing on three areas:

. Reading - Reading grants are awarded to schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations to support programs such as weekend book clubs, after-school reading programs and events encouraging family reading time.
. Arts - Arts grants are given to programs that bring the arts to schools or make it affordable for families to participate in cultural experiences, such as school touring programs, field trips to the theater or the symphony or artist residencies and workshops in schools.
. Family Violence Prevention - Family violence prevention grants support groups working to make individual homes and entire communities safer, such as funding child abuse counseling programs and shelters.

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*March 25-26, 2007 Breaking the Silence: Building a Civil Community, Bemidji, MN.  For more information contact Carissa Massey or phone 218-755-4002. 
*March 29, 2007, Building a Bridge of Hope: Interdisciplinary Conference on Family Violence and Animal Abuse, Continuing Education and Conference Center, 1890 Buford Avenue, St. Paul Campus, University of Minnesota.  For more information contact: Veterinary Continuing Education, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, 800-380-8636, 

*March 29, 2007, Seizing Opportunities to Advance a Prevention Frame through the Media Webconference. Link to: ( )
*March 29-30, 2007, Restoring the Sacred Trails of our Grandmothers: In Search of Safety from Sexual Violence, Mahnomen, MN. Link to ( )

*April 2007, Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  For information and resources link to: 
*April 11-12, 2007, Conference on Familial Child Sexual Abuse, Hamline University, St. Paul.  Link to:
*April 11-13, 2007, MNATSA Conference, Brooklyn Park, MN. Link to:
*April 16-18, 2007, International Conference on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Stalking, Houston, Texas.  Link to
*April 17-18, 2007, 17th Annual MN Conference on Adolescent Females, St. Paul, MN.  Link to:  
*April 20, 2007, Art of Recovery Opening, St. Paul, MN. ( ) or contact Maia Hendel-Paterson at 651-201-7318 or
*April 25, 2007, MNCASA AWARE Event, St. Paul, MN.  Link to www.mncasa.ort of call Dresden Jones at 651/209-9993 x201.

*April 25-26, 2007, PCAMN's The Power of Prevention: Building Strong Families for Stronger Communities, April 25-26, 2007, St. Paul, MN.  For more information contact Jennifer Bertram at (651) 523-0099 or email .
*April 27, 2007, Art of Recovery Reading of Literary Entries, St. Paul, MN. ( ) or contact Maia Hendel-Paterson at 651-201-7318 or
*May 1, 2007, The Crime of Stalking, Redwing, MN.  For more information contact Jennifer at 651-388-9360 ext 15

*May 3-4, 2007, MOAPPP's 16th Annual Conference.  Link to: ( )
*******May 11, 2007, Sexual Violence Prevention Network (SVPN) - location TBN. For more information watch for future SVPN mailings and/or link to:
*May 30, 2007, 4th National SART Training Conference, Tampa, Florida, May 30 - June 1, 2007.  Link to:
*May 30-June 1, 2007, Annual Conference on Crime Victims. Link to  or contact Maia Hendel-Paterson at 651-201-7318 or

********August 3, 2007, Sexual Violence Prevention Network (SVPN) - location TBN. For more information watch for future SVPN mailings and/or link to:
*August 12-17, 2007. Minnesota Victim Assistance Academy. Link to or contact Maia Hendel-Paterson at 651-201-7318 or

*September 12-14, 2007, National Sexual Assault Conference, Baltimore, Maryland. Link to:
*September 16-19, 2007, 12th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (formerly the International Conference on Family Violence), San Diego, CA.  Link to:  for more information.

********November 2, 2007, Sexual Violence Prevention Network (SVPN) - location TBN. For more information watch for future SVPN mailings and/or link to:

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