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Order a VHS copy of Town Meeting: A Community Response to Sexual Violence

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Presentation Version
Selected highlights from the broadcast version of the Town Meeting, with additional footage not included in the public television program. This promotional short is designed to stimulate public awareness and community support for sexual violence prevention initiatives.

Running Time: Nine minutes, twenty seconds
Cost: $5.00 Includes shipping and handling

Educational Full-length Version
This version features the same content as the PBS broadcast program, but contains graphically designed breaks to facilitate discussion of the following primary Town Meeting messages:

  • Sexual Violence as a Public Health Problem
  • Sexual Violence Affects Communities, not just victims
  • Sexual Violence Can and Must Be Prevented

Running Time: Fifty-six minutes, ten seconds
Cost: $10.00 Includes shipping and handling

Town Meeting Presentation Version (Stock #399-0338)________copies @ $5.00

Town Meeting Educational Version (Stock #399-0337)________copies @$10.00

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