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Model programs and initiatives on campuses

Many campuses have developed and implemented campus-wide strategies which create real, sustainable change by focusing on bringing change to social and environmental norms which promote sexually violent behavior. These model programs move beyond education and awareness to community development by undermining damaging norms around masculinity, femininity, strength, and power, and replaces them with positive norms around healthy relationships, mutual respect and acceptance.

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  • A Call to Men  A CALL TO MEN is a leading national men's organization addressing domestic and sexual violence prevention and the promotion of healthy manhood, providing trainings, workshops, and speakers.
  • Moving Beyond Blue Lights and Buddy Systems: A National Study of Student Anti-Rape Activists  This study done by Students Active For Ending Rape (SAFER) surveys college students working to address campus sexual violence. SAFER used an online survey to ask campus activists about their prevention activities and beliefs about ending sexual violence on campus.

Bystander Intervention

Engaging Men

  • A Call to Men  A CALL TO MEN is a leading national men's organization addressing domestic and sexual violence prevention and the promotion of healthy manhood, providing trainings, workshops, and speakers.
  • Campus Men of Strength  Men Can Stop Rape's Campus Men of Strength Clubs are the nation's most comprehensive strategy to engage college and university men in preventing violence against women.
  • College Men's Experiences as Men  Shared findings that emerged from two grounded theory studies of college men's gender identity development are presented in this article.
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  • Toolkit for Working with Men and Boys to Prevent Gender-Based Violence  A comprehensive tool kit designed to help you work with men and boys, with readings, case studies, handouts, exercises and community-building tools.
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  • Where Do You Stand?  Men Can Stop Rape reveals a new bystander intervention campaign for college men, seeing men as vital allies in preventing sexism and sexual assault.
  • White Ribbon Campaign: Engaging Men and Boys to Reduce and Prevent Gender-Based Violence  The world's largest effort of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, addresses root causes, socialization, power, masculinities, and inequality.

Social Media and Messaging

  • Media campaign: Drinking is not a crime . . . rape is.  From Scotland, this joint initiative aims to promote the clear message that sex without consent is rape, no matter what the circumstances.
  • Show Me Love  Show Me Love! is a campaign to raise awareness about healthy relationships and provide resources for LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence. We celebrate fun, vibrant, healthy LGBTQ relationships.
  • This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me  Rape Crisis Scotland confronts rape myths in a very direct way, and invites members of the public to join us in putting an end to blaming women for rape.

Peer Education

  • Athletes for Sexual Responsibility  College athletes struggle with a number of sexuality issues. The University of Maine is using athlete peer educators as role models for appropriate social and sexual behavior.
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  • SCREAM Theater  A peer educational, interactive theater program that educates groups and initiates dialogue about issues of interpersonal violence.
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  • Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates, Central Michigan University  Sexual Aggression Services and SAPA provide education, programming, advocacy and support for domestic and sexual violence prevention.
  • The Social Ecological Model  The social-ecological model provides a framework for understanding those different influences of perpetrating sexual assault.

Student Orientation

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