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Know your rights for college students

     Students have the right to an education free from violence and discrimination. If a student is assaulted, schools are legally obligated to take action to stop the discriminatory environment. However, some schools have historically been lax or even dismissive of reports of sexual violence, which leaves students in the lurch and discourages reporting. Helping schools be accountable to their students, and to work with them in partnerships for prevention, is our goal.

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University Obligations and Responsibilities

Relevant State and Federal Laws

  • ATIXA 2015 Whitepaper  The Challenge of Title IX Responses to Campus Relationship and Intimate Partner Violence. A Whitepaper published in 2015 by ATIXA.
  • Beyond Title IX  Provides guidance to colleges and universities on how best to create and promote a campus norm of interpersonal respect and non-violent relationships.
  • Campus Sexual Assault Victims' Bill of Rights  All colleges and universities (both public and private) participating in federal student aid programs must afford sexual assault victims certain basic rights.
  • Student Guide to the Clery Act  Frequently asked questions about the important--and misunderstood--federal campus crime reporting law.
  • Summary of the Jeanne Clery Act  Explains in plain language the contents and requirements of the federal law that requires colleges and universities to disclose information about campus crime and security policies.
  • Title IX Dear Colleague Letter  This letter from the US Department of Education is intended to outline schools' responsibilities in prevention of and response to sexual violence on campuses for administrators.
  • Understanding the Laws  The Center for Public Integrity gives an overview of the three laws that have had a dramatic effect on the way sexual assault claims are adjudicated on America's campuses.

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