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     Much is known about perpetration on campuses, and it is not a stranger wearing a balaclava jumping out of the bushes to accost a lone woman on her way back from Tuesday night study group. 80-90% of rapes in a college setting are by someone the student knows: a partner or ex, friend, classmate, etc.
    Other risk factors for perpetration include: association with an exclusive all-male peer group; sexually aggressive peers; anger and hostility toward women; belief in strict gender roles; having high alcohol expectancies around sex; and being male.
    Each perpetrator averages 5.8 rapes each,1 have well-honed and specific tactics of alcohol facilitation, coercion, and force, and do not consider themselves rapists--rather, they consider themselves talented.
    If you have perpetrated, whether or not you are currently involved in a campus or criminal judicial process, it is time to take responsibility for your actions and to examine where those actions come from. While our society and media often condone and even reward aggressive and violent sexual behavior, the vast majority of people do not end up raping another human being. We encourage you to seek help.

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