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     Much of what is known about preventing sexual violence comes from an ongoing legacy of organizers, activists, thinkers, and researchers who have theorized about why sexual violence occurs and what can be done so that it does not continue.

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  • Films for a Feminist Classroom  FFC, hosted by the Rutgers University, is an online, open-access journal, publishes film reviews that provide a critical assessment of the value of films as pedagogical tools in the feminist classroom.
    Tags: Curricula  Theory  Media 
  • Violence against Women: Classic Papers  Citing many of the classic, groundbreaking pieces that have shaped the field of violence against women, these reflections are empowering.
    Tags: Research  Theory 
  • Yes means Yes!  Through this blog and anthology, we try to move beyond 'no means no' to connect the dots on some of the ways rape is allowed and encouraged to function.
  • The Spectrum of Prevention  The Spectrum of Prevention helps expand prevention efforts beyond education models by promoting a multifaceted range of activities for effective prevention. Includes: Influencing Policy and Legislation,, Changing Organizational Practices, Fostering Coalitions and Networks, Educating Providers, Promoting Community Education, and Strengthening Individual Knowledge and Skills.
  • Transforming a Rape Culture  A groundbreaking collection of diverse voices tackling a wide range of important issues, this book is a much-needed step toward eliminating the sources of rape and rape culture.


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