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     Webinars present opportunities to attend and archive online presentations chock-full of new ideas, speakers and resources. Often, the slides and handouts are downloadable, offering a unique opportunity to access expertise from across the country.

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  • Covering Sexual Assault  This one-hour free webinar explains how journalists should best investigate and report sexual assault stories.
  • Using Student Orientation to Prevent Violence Against Women  Cost-effective examples of new student orientation as an entry point to a linked series of prevention efforts addressing violence across the school year and throughout the college experience.
  • Online Training Institute, End Violence Against Women International  Free trainings for professionals to expand their knowledge of cutting edge developments in the criminal justice and community response to non-stranger sexual assault.
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  • Victim Assistance Training Online  A basic victim advocacy web-based training program that offers victim service providers and allied professionals the opportunity to acquire the basic skills and knowledge they need to better assist victims of crime.
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  • Principles of Prevention, Centers for Disease Control  POP is free, for everyone interested in learning about violence prevention, the burden violence places on our society, and effective prevention efforts.
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  • Forge Forward  FORGE supports, educates and advocates for the rights and lives of transgender individuals across the gender spectrum, forging a movement that embraces and empowers our diverse complexities.
  • Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention  This free online course covers the basic content of the above handbook. Explores how to encourage friends and family to deter and possibly prevent sexual violence.
  • The LGBT Community and Sexual Violence  This one hour webinar provides basic information about LGBTQ communities. Specific focus is on counseling techniques and prevention education tips for rape crisis center advocates and educators.
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  • MNSCU Legal Webinar Series  One hour legal seminars available to campus administrators, faculty and staff at no charge. Includes "Responding to Sexual Violence" and "Campus Security Act Compliance Check Up."


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