Rape Myths

     We've all heard them. They are so pervasive, and so false. Every bit of empirical evidence counter their existence, yet old habits die hard. Some, after decades of legal and political activism and social change, are beginning to die; others run rampant or take on new forms, particularly within certain subcultures. See below for resources that offer a myth-by-myth breakdown separating facts from fiction.

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  • Judges Tell: What I Wish I Had Known Before I Presided in an Adult Sexual Assault Case  Developed by the National Judicial Education Program in conjunction with judges experienced in presiding over adult victim sexual assault cases, "Judges Tell" details the dynamics of such cases. http://jec.unm.edu/manuals-resources/manuals/Judges%20Tell.pdf/view
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  • Yes means Yes!  Through this blog and anthology, we try to move beyond 'no means no' to connect the dots on some of the ways rape is allowed and encouraged to function. http://yesmeansyesblog.wordpress.com/
  • This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me  Rape Crisis Scotland confronts rape myths in a very direct way, and invites members of the public to join us in putting an end to blaming women for rape. http://www.thisisnotaninvitationtorapeme.co.uk/the-campaign/
  • Drug-facilitated, Incapacitated, and Forcible Rape: A National Study  2007. Explores the most common forms of rape in college settings, compared characteristics of drug-facilitated/incapacitated versus forcible rapes and factors that affected reporting of rape. https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/219181.pdf
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  • Understanding the Predatory Nature of Sexual Violence (PDF:12pages/42KB)  This paper, by sexual violence researcher Dr. David Lisak, examines the characteristics of undetected rapists - non-stranger rapists whose victims rarely report - in a college setting. http://www.innovations.harvard.edu/cache/documents/1348/134841.pdf
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  • Rape Myths 101 (PDF:3 pages/13KB)  A concise breakdown of myths and facts surrounding rape from the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault. http://www.ccasa.org/documents/Rape_Myths_&_Facts.pdf
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