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Rape Culture

     Rape culture is a term for the kinds of stories, messages, attitudes, and patterns that get reinforced in popular culture, which end up legitimizing gender-based violence.

  • A TV show with a plotline that involved someone lying about being victimized (when in reality people are much more likely to fake a murder than fake a rape);
  • an ad for hard liquor which makes it seem like fun for a grinning man to pin down a frightened woman in a sexual posture;
  • clothing for an infant boy which has a slogan emphasizing his penis size,
  • or for an infant girl with a message saying that she likes to be spanked;
  • labeling the alcoholic punch at a party with the name 'Liquid Panty Remover';
all of these create an atmosphere in which violence is sexy, consent is optional, and victims can be disregarded and disbelieved.
     Continued exposure to these types of messages contribute to the sense that these activities, behaviors, and beliefs are normal and even rewarded.

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