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Rape Reporting Patterns on Campuses

Courtesy of Dr. Roberta Gibbons.

     Many campuses do not receive many reports of sexual violence. Many believe that this indicates that sexual assault simply does not happen here.
     However, the Department of Justice estimates that only 5% of college victims report to authorities. There are many obstacles which deter reporting. Some of the most common are not wanting others to know; fearing reprisal from the perpetrator; fear of bad treatment by the system; and did not think the incident was serious enough or was unclear if harm was intended.
     Fortunately, all of these are concerns that colleges can ameliorate through targeted, systemic social change. Schools that have higher reporting occurrences are also most often those which have found ways to overcome the barriers to reporting for students.

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  • The Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool  Provides customized reports on data drawn from the OPE Campus Crime Statistics. Schools with federal funding are required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act.
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  • Concerned Persons Sexual Assault Response Guide  Your support can make a big difference to someone who has been sexually assaulted. Learn how to respond in an empathetic manner and take care of yourself.
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  • Minnesota College Student Health Survey  The College Student Health Survey was designed by Boynton Health Service to give postsecondary institutions a comprehensive look at the health of their students. Includes sexual and domestic violence data.
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