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Action Teams (2010-11)

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Media Action Team
Faith Communities Action Team
Healthy Environment in Schools Action Team
Data Resource Action Team
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In Spring 2010, four Sexual Violence Prevention Action Teams were reorganized around a specific 18-month focus developed by the Leadership Team:

Creating a healthy, respectful environment in Minnesota that does not sexually exploit children.

Special thanks to the many committee members who volunteered their time and expertise, and especially our Action Team Co-Chairs:

Media Action Team: Roberta Gibbons and Ka Youa Vu
Spiritual Communities Action Team: Amy Hartman and Libby Bergman
Healthy Environment in Schools Action Team: Barton Erickson and Dawn Rutt
Data Resource Action Team: Laura Williams and Sharon Haas

Media Action Team

    Messaging Team
  • Work with media partners to present and discuss positive ways to cover sexual violence issues, particularly those involving children.
  • Develop procedures and tactics to respond to positive and negative images in the media.
  • Recommend an organizational policy prohibiting anonymous blogging in response to items in online media.
  • Develop a presentation for policy makers on the impact on children of the normalization of sexual harm.
  • Fact Sheet: The Normalization of Sexual Harm and the Sexualization of Children (PDF: 142KB/2 pages)

Spiritual Communities Action Team

Healthy Environment in Schools Action Team

  • Assess what a "healthy environment in schools" would look like.
  • Assess what is working and where there are gaps. Then develop best practices for awareness/norm changing initiatives.
  • Develop materials for educators on how to advance primary prevention efforts/policy and create a safe, healthy, and equitable environment.
  • Patty Wetterling
  • Make sure programming/efforts are inclusive and accessible to the disability community.
  • Recommend policies to change the school environment, for example, to encourage students to prevent violence as active bystanders.

Data Resource Action Team

    Data and Research Team
  • Develop a series of Research Briefs to help interpret relevant research for practitioners.
  • Gather Minnesota researchers in a symposium, to determine what research is being done and needs to be done around issues in the strategic plan.
  • Serve as a resource for other project areas with regard to their research information needs.

All team photos taken August 10, 2009 at a joint Action Teams meeting and June 6th, 2008 at the Action Launch.

Contact information

Once you are on a team's mailing list, you will receive meeting notices, minutes, and other materials and can determine your preferred level of involvement. If you are unable to attend meetings in person, conference calling can be arranged.

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