Healthy Environments in Schools Action Team (HESAT)

Staff Development

This section will include ideas for staff development around the issues of school violence as it relates to: dating violence, sexual violence, sexual harassement and bullying. It will address effective ways to respond to these issues and how to create a safe school environment.(See School wide prevention strategies logic model)

    Staff Development:
  • What is dating and sexual violence/harassment?
  • What are the schools policies rergarding these types of violence in our school?
  • How should they(different types) be handled/reported by staff, bus drivers, paras, ect,?
  • Examples of how to effectively respond to issues from name calling to threats or physical/sexual violence?
  • Trainings or staff development day dedicated to covering these issues.
  • Staff survey about how currently respond to situations and what they need more information on.
  • Creating a safe/violence free environment in your classroom
  • Creating a safe/violence free environment schoolwide

Bus Drivers



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