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How to Set up Searches in My NCBI

PubMed searchers may register and save their searches in a personal account called My NCBI. New citations in your topic can be emailed or reviewed in My NCBI.

To Register for My NCBI:

Visit PubMed at
Click on the Register link in the top right-hand corner box (under My NCBI).
Choose a user name and password.
Enter an email address if you wish to set up email updates.
Click on the Register button.

To Set Up Email Alerts/Save a Search:

Construct a search in PubMed. (NOTE: See Directions for searching in PubMed. Assistance with setting up a current awareness search for clients is available from the Barr Library. Call 651-201-5093 for help.)

After a search has been run, click on the Save Search link to the right of the search box.

pubmed search box with save search link

A new window will pop up with your search information. The search strategy you used is the default name for the search. If you wish to rename the search, delete the text and put in your own.

Save Search pop-up window with save options

To set up email alerts on your topic, choose "Yes." Fill in your email address, choose how often you want to receive updates, set a maximum number of citations you wish to receive per update, and select a delivery format. MDH GroupWise accounts are generally set up for plain text viewing only, so choosing "Text" is recommended (see image below).

Format options in setting up email alert

To Access All Search Results Again:

In PubMed, log into your My NCBI account. All saved searches and email updates will be listed.

To view all of the article citations for a search, click on the search name.

My NCBI search list

To View New Items in My NCBI (use when not receiving email updates):

Click on the check box to the left of the search.
Click on the "What's New for Selected" button below the list of searches.

What's new for selected check box and search link

Click on the number of new articles that appears on the far right to view the new citations.

What's new listing

Updated 2/28/05