Emergencies and Disasters: Minnesota School Nursing Toolkit

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Learn about automated external defibrillators Learn about automated external defibrillators in schools (PubMed Search)
Develop a disaster plan for school emergencies Develop a disaster plan for school emergencies (PubMed Search)
Learn about taking care of children and bioterrorism Learn about pediatric management of bioterrorist events (PubMed Search)


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Research link logo Find a link to research on a school health or school nursing topic. Most of these links are to journal literature searches in the PubMed database provided by the National Library of Medicine. Check back often to see new articles!
Quick Links Links to national resources on school health topics, including National Association of School Nurses (NASN) Issue Briefs and Position Statements
In Minnesota Links to Minnesota-specific resources on school health topics
NASN Issue Briefs "An informational report (inclusive of NASN's position and rationale, as pertinent) about a school nurse or health issue impacting children and/or schools."
NASN Position Statements "Expressions of the opinions, beliefs, or official positions taken by the organization on issues related to health or to school nursing. Summarizing historical, political, or scientific aspects of an issue and serves as official viewpoint that can be shared with others."