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Keeping Current: Table of Contents (TOC) via My NCBI

Get email updates with new articles from a journal or journals from PubMed. 

Please print out this page and then follow the instructions below as provided.

First, Register for My NCBI:

Visit PubMed at
Click on the My NCBI link in the upper right-hand corner box.
Click on Register for an account.
Enter a user name, password, security question and answer, e-mail address (optional), and the five characters listed on the page.
Click on the Register button.

To Set Up TOC Journal Lists:

Check out the PubMed tutorial on setting up e-mail updates of article content from a journal.

Think about the journal titles you want to receive; a list of journals that the Barr Library has access to can be found at
While at the PubMed Web site, select "Journals" from the pull-down menu by "Search:".  You should then click on the Search in white text surrounded by blue.  You could also click on "Journals Database" under "More Resources" if you prefer.

Type in a key word or key phrase from a journal's title.  You may want to put public health in as the key phrase. Click on the Go button. PubMed displays a list of titles that match the query.

You may want to further narrow your list of journals by selecting the "Limits" folder and then selecting English as the language and Currently indexed in MEDLINE.  Click on the Go button.

Pick the journals of interest from the list by checking the check boxes in front of the journal titles.

Links drop-down list in Journals Browser

All of the journal's articles indexed by PubMed will be listed with the most recent first. To save the search in My NCBI, click on the Send to pull-down menu and select "Search box with OR".

If prompted, log in with your My NCBI username and password. A list of journals will appear like the following in the search box:  "AIDS Public Policy J"[Journal:__jrid21809] OR "AIDS Action Policy Brief"[Journal:__jrid26844] OR "AIDS Policy Law"[Journal:__jrid22168]. 

Click on the Search PubMed button to retrieve articles from those journals.

To save the journal results, click on the Save search (in blue) text. You should then click on the Save button (white text surrounded by green).

You will then come to a Saved Search Settings screen that will provide you the ability to customize the search by selecting how often you want to receive the e-mail updates, the format type you want to receive, and the number of items you want to receive in an update.  You should then click on the Save button (white text surrounded by green) to set the search update parameters.

Note: Not all journal titles are indexed in MEDLINE or found in PubMed. Call the Barr Library to check for options in tracking other journal titles.

To Order Articles via PubMed

MDH employees may order articles free of charge from the Barr Library via PubMed's Loansome Doc service. See instructions for registering and using Loansome Doc or call the Barr Library at 651-201-5093.

Note: Copyright restrictions allow the library to fill only 1 request per person per journal issue. However, many of the current journals are available full-text online for MDH employees. A list of the available titles available online can be found at Individuals may also visit the Barr Library to photocopy articles.