LTC Ad Hoc Committee Accomplishments 2004-2005

  • Through the Survey Findings/Review Subcommittee examined the number, type and severity of deficiencies issued by MDH and developed recommendations.
  • Through the Communications for Improving the Survey Process Subcommittee discussed ways to minimize tensions created by the survey process and the regulatory relationship and developed recommendations.
  • Reviewed and prioritized recommendations from the Management Analysis Division (MAD) Report and the Office of Legislative Auditor’s (OLA) Report
  • Developed an “Implementation Plan” to work on recommendations from the MAD and OLA reports.
  • Provided Feedback on the Issue of “Cross Referencing”
    • Developed a new “Cross Referencing Policy” effective June 21, 2004. That policy was rescinded effective May 2, 2005 based on direction received from CMS.
    • Committee continues to monitor the data regarding this policy and provide feedback to MDH.
  • Continuously review and analyze deficiencies and other data and provide feedback to MDH on ways to address the issue of survey inconsistency and variability.
  • Formed a Communications Committee in the NE Region of the State as a Pilot Project; CSI –Duluth
    • CSI – Duluth was established in Jan. 2005. In process of evaluating the Committee for consideration of replicating process in other regions of the state.
  • Reviewed and provided feedback on the draft Nursing Home Report Card
  • Through the CSI-MN Subcommittee provided input for a new survey communications video. Will serve as a focus group to review the video before final production.


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