Long Term Care Issues Committee

Committee Background Information

The Long Term Care Issues Committee was a stakeholder committee that existed from April 2003 to December 2011.  The committee was formed by the Commissioner of Health to address concerns surrounding long-term care regulations, the survey process and other issues affecting the industry.  
Representation on the Committee included the following: two administrators; two directors of nursing; two certified nurse assistants; a consumer; and, representatives from the ElderCare Rights Alliance, the State Ombudsman’s Office, health care labor unions, AARP, each of the provider organizations, MNDONA, Minnesota Medical Directors Association;  Minnesota Home Care Association, Minnesota Pharmacy Association, Stratis Health, Minnesota Department of Human Services and the Department of Health (See Committee Membership.)

When the Committee first began meeting, two Subcommittees were formed to work on more focused areas of discussion.  Those subcommittees were the Survey Findings/Review Subcommittee and the Survey Process Subcommittee.   

The Committee was disbanded in December 2011 and its last meeting was on November 21, 2011.  It was decided that since several quality improvement initiatives had been put in place since the inception of the committee, and there were other venues that existed to discuss issues of concern -- many of which included the same stakeholders, that it was no longer necessary to hold in person meetings.  Much of the communication could be done via MDH’s phone conferencing, joint provider and surveyor trainings, and e-mails with providers.  MDH also believed, and committee members agreed, that relationships between MDH survey staff and providers had been strengthened and that the lack of trust and tension that existed back in 2003, had diminished greatly.  Much of this progress was due to the work that was done in the committee and the quality improvement measures that were implemented.  These quality improvement initiatives are discussed in the Annual Quality Improvement Reports on the Nursing Home Survey Process .

Although the Committee no longer exists, summaries of the Committee’s past meetings, handouts, reports, etc. are available under Meeting Information.

This website also includes information on a CSI Duluth, a regional stakeholder group formed in the Northeastern region of the state as a pilot project.

If you have any questions about this website or the work of the Long Term Care Issues Committee, please contact Kay Herzfeld at (651) 201-3704 or kay.herzfeld@state.mn.us .

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