CSI - Duluth January 4, 2008

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Cindy Green, Barb Olson, Nancy Christenson, Larry Penk, Geoff Ryan, Debbee Stassen, Pat Halverson. Welcome to a new member, Bonnie Humphrey.

Committee members are not hearing much about CSI Duluth right now. Discussion centered around recent surveys with positive comments regarding improved communication, resulting in reduced tension/stress felt by facility staff.

Discussion regarding the purpose of our committee for the near future, especially in regard to the Root Cause Analysis project. The committee decided that professional staff of long term care facilities would be best suited for involvement in this project. We will attempt to recruit new members based on the nature of future projects.

Long term goals of the committee are:

  • Keep the lines of communication open
  • Observe and discuss concerns with the roll-out of QIS survey process, especially the risk of increased numbers of deficiencies.

Planning for Root Cause Analysis Project:

Phone conversation with Darcy Miner and Diane Rydrych to discuss resources and process. The project will begin with regional face-to-face education days. Possibility of expanding the project to provide the information to providers outside the district if itís well received and found useful by attendees of first offerings.

Assignments were distributed to members of the committee. All revised presentation pages will be sent to Pat Halverson by Monday 1/29/08, and copies will be ready for discussion at next meeting 2/1/08.

Darcy and Diane will attend the meeting on 2/1/08. Members will bring examples of nursing home specific issues that could benefit from Root Cause Analysis.


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