CSI - Duluth January 2009

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Barb Olson, Cindy Green, Esther Gieschen, Jeri Cummins, Larry Penk, Nancy Christensen, Pat Halverson, Geoff Ryan.

Reviewed evaluations from Root Cause Analysis training provided on December 11 sand 12, 2008. All evaluations were positive. Cindy has had several phone calls for more information related to her presentation. One facility asked about using Root Cause Analysis as a tool to determine appropriate corrections for survey deficiencies. Another facility asked about scheduling meetings for Root Cause Analysis and how facilities determined the appropriate people to be involved.

A data base of email addresses collected from the program evaluations is being created. Individuals will be able to ask questions and receive a direct response. In addition, we’ll send a link to the Minnesota Department of Health Clinical Web Window. The Clinical Web Window has training materials from all MDH training provided over the last couple of years.

Over both sessions (October and December) 185 individuals attended. 90 individuals attended both sessions. 38 facilities were represented.

The presentations were well received with positive evaluations for both.

Discussion about the future of CSI Duluth: The original purpose was to reduce the animosity between survey staff and providers and to address inconsistent numbers of deficiencies issued by various teams in the state. The group consensus was that there is really no animosity remaining between survey staff and providers now and the numbers of deficiencies issued by various teams is much more consistent throughout the state.

Suggested focus for future work could be a review of the tags most frequently issued across all teams. For example F314 (related to prevention of pressure ulcers) is issued more frequently by the Duluth team than by other teams across the state. We could look at the deficiencies issued, look for patterns/consistency and possible develop an electronic newsletter to share with providers in the district.

Suggested deficiencies/issues for review: F520 Quality Assurance, F514 Medical Record, Multiple environmental deficiencies, privacy during personal care, expired/mislabeled medications.

Membership for 2009:
The following people will cycle off the committee: Jeri Cummins, Barb Olson and Esther Gieschen.

The following people will continue: Larry Penk, Cindy Green, Geoff Ryan, Nancy Christensen, Debbee Stassen.

Thank you all for your service on the committee over the past year. Co-chairs for 2009 are Larry Penk and Geoff Ryan.

Many people indicated interest in joining the committee. We chose four people to invite, one social worker, two directors of nursing and one administrator. We also considered geographic location hoping to get representation from all parts of the district.

The next meeting will be held in suite #703 at the Government Services Building in Duluth on February 6, 2009, from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Lunch will be provided.


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