CSI - Duluth January 16, 2007

Meeting Summary

Members present: Shane Roche (co-chair), Brian Carlson (co-chair), Andy Selvo, Larry Penk, Barb Olson, Nancy Christenson, Marge Meeker, Jeri Cummins, Esther Gieschen, Jonathan Hill, Virda Hall, Heidi Brown. Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Members absent: Darcy Miner, Cindy Green, Marilyn Abrahamson.

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “Since our last CSI-Duluth meeting in December, what questions or comments have people expressed to you about CSI-Duluth?”

The current members welcomed two new members, Nancy Christenson (Director of Nursing) and Esther Gieschen (Alzheimer’s Association).

Larry provided an update about his conversation with Larry Fortner from the Senior Reporter. He is willing to publish an article about CSI-Duluth. Shane and Darcy will develop a draft of an article to include a recap of who we are, our history, and what we intend to accomplish in the northeast region. This will be reviewed by members at the February meeting. Members felt that it should be a positive article stating the hard work and important contributions of the members of CSI-Duluth, as this committee focuses on establishing productive and respectful relationships among regulated facilities, residents and their families, and the Minnesota Department of Health.

There was discussion regarding the addition of new members. Suggestions were made about interested and potential candidates to fill the vacant slots on this committee. The process for inviting new members was reviewed, with the goal of ensuring good regional representation. Members will contact candidates that were mentioned, to determine candidate’s level of interest in becoming a member of this committee.

A document has been created to summarize the Comprehensive Assessment Training Sessions which were held in May 2006. It includes a statement of the objectives of the training, which are to share practices with staff from other facilities, understand what data collection is, and what role it has in completing a comprehensive assessment. Members reviewed and approved the document, and discussed its distribution. It will be mailed to the administrator and director of nursing at each facility in this region, on January 19th.

Members discussed the possibility of changing the schedule of meetings for 2007, to better accommodate CSI-Duluth member schedules. Members were given the opportunity to state if this would be a good change in scheduling. It was determined that meetings will continue to be held monthly, but effective February 2007, meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month, same times and location as previous meetings.

Communication and Education Discussion

There was discussion about the Improved Communication and Education subcommittees. It was decided that all members would focus on and contribute toward the next regional training session.

There will be two training sessions, lasting three to four hours in length. Locations of the sessions will be similar to the trainings in May 2006. Topics, parameters, and various training formats were discussed, to ensure that the audience will receive good working knowledge as well as skill improvement. There will be a social piece, which will provide an opportunity for further discussion of regional concerns, as well as getting to know one another.

Recommendations for presenters for the training were discussed, and those mentioned will be contacted by CSI-Duluth members for additional details required to make a determination as to who will best fit training needs. A cost analysis and references of each presenter will also be considered. Members agreed that being that the next CSI-Duluth meeting will be held in two weeks, it is important that each member contact the presenter assigned, and bring a report of findings to the meeting in February.

Members of this committee were willing to contribute their expertise in various areas as a part of the training sessions.

Next Steps/Plan Agenda

An agenda for the February 2nd meeting will be developed, which will include continuing work on the Education project.

Effective today, CSI-Duluth meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., with lunch provided. The location will remain to be the Government Services Center, 320 West Second Street, Room 406, Duluth.

These dates for 2007 are:

  • February 2
  • March 2
  • April 6
  • May 4
  • June 1
  • July 6
  • August 3
  • September 7
  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December 7
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