CSI - Duluth February 1, 2008

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Jeri Cummins, Debbee Stassen, Cindy Green, Barb Olson, Nancy Christenson, Geoff Ryan, Susan McCurdy, Pat Halverson, Darcy Miner, Larry Penk, Guest: Diane Rydrych.

Introductions were made and welcome new member Susan McCurdy, DON at Golden Living Rush City. Also welcome Diane Rydrych, Assistant Division Director, Division of Health Policy.

The meeting was devoted to discussion of Root Cause Analysis and how that process could be applied in long term care facilities. Members of the team have reviewed and revised the original power point presentation that was prepared and presented to hospital staff around the state. The power point slides were reviewed and additional revisions made by the team. Diane will revise the original power point slides and have them available for the meeting on 3/7/08.

Team members are assigned to bring case studies to the next meeting for review. The team will review options and choose cast studies to reflect a wide variety of applications appropriate for Root Cause Analysis. Some of the suggested applications are: preparation of a plan of correction for survey findings of for other facility identified problems; resident/staff incident investigation; infection control studies; resident behavior management; Vulnerable Adult investigations/reports.

Discussion of funding and resources for the project: Diane will contact staff at STRATIS Health to determine if they are interested in participation and/or if the project fits within their current scope of work.

The team wants to focus on the fact that if facilities can do a better job of investigating problems survey citations could be reduced.

Another goal to consider is how to evaluate the presentation and how to evaluate the process as it applies to facility outcomes.


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