.--> CSI Duluth February 21, 2006 Meeting Minutes

CSI Duluth February 21, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Members present: Chris Campbell (co-facilitator), Brian Carlson (co-facilitator), Virda Hall, Kristen Larsen, Andy Selvo, Heidi Brown, Larry Penk, Diane Strongitharm, Cindy Green, David Giese, Diane Pearson, Nikki Boder, Jeri Cummins. Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Members absent: Deb Doughty, Marilyn Abrahamson, Gayle Wallin.

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “Since our last CSI-Duluth meeting in January, what questions or comments have people expressed to you about this group’s work?”

David Giese provided an update on a number of topics.

Darcy Miner and David are currently attending a two-day Long Term Care Quality Summit. One of the first sessions was a case study entitled, Putting a Real Face on Issues of Quality on Long Term Care. The presentation was given by individuals who haven been responsible for The Nielson Place located in Bemidji, and is a part of North Country Health Services. It is a new nursing facility constructed in 2004. Committee members were given the program about the summit and the brochure describing this facility.

MDH is currently working on the second annual report dealing with the activities of OHFC. It is the same type of report as the annual report on survey and quality improvement of the survey program. Quality improvements of OHFC investigations are identified for the upcoming year from the annual report. The next annual report will then publicly report those accomplishments, as well as identify new areas to improve upon for the upcoming year.

There has been a stakeholder group meeting for two years, dealing with issues about assisted living. Things that are being marketed or entities that are using assisted living in their name have varied greatly. It has caused concerns for consumers and providers. The group has come to agreement on requirements that must be met to be known as an assisted living facility. A remaining issue has to do with how it will be enforced.

In terms of consistency issues, there has been no significant change in the statewide median or mean in the last month, among the ten survey districts.

DON Survey Experience Report

Evaluations from the presentation at the MHHA conference were shared with the committee, for review and discussion. These evaluations were very positive. Even though deficiencies have remained the same, it is very apparent that these presentations have made a difference in attitude and interaction between surveyors and facility staff.

There have been requests from family councils to have this committee conduct training in this region. They have expressed interest in topics, from a family perspective, such as realistic expectations and concerns of facilities, understanding the survey process and OHFC. The committee discussed various methods of communicating this information for families, i.e., a video, pamphlets, videoconferencing, or a formal presentation. Currently, there is not a link on the MDH website where consumers can get information to understand the survey process.

The group will review the content of the video being produced by the CSI Minnesota group to see if it will meet some of the training requests expressed by family members. After review of the video content, a training plan will be developed to address some of the concerns raised by family members.

The key elements that have led to the success of this committee thus far were discussed at the last Statewide Stakeholder’s Group meeting. This committee discussed the possibility of expanding this type of group in to another region of the state, taking into consideration a variety of factors, i.e., region workload, supervisor buy-in, and surveyor and provider interest/desire. Workload is one of the biggest issues as to whether or not a supervisor would be willing to lead such a group.

There is currently a pilot project currently being done in the southern area of the state. When that project has been completed, there will be a time to assess the interest for another committee such as this one to be developed.

It was suggested that this committee encourage facilities to express an interest in becoming involved, to ensure a good level of participation, and to let them know that this could be a possibility in their own region. It is important to know that the provider community does want this type of a committee in their region, because of the level of commitment that individuals need to make to participate and allow their staff to participate.

Review Current Group Structure

Members welcomed a new Director of Nursing, Heidi Brown, to the committee. A Nursing Assistant Registered will be joining this group soon.

The members discussed the current structure of this committee. The members will continue to make recommendations to ensure equal representation on this committee. There was consensus that a social worker should be added to the CSI-Duluth membership.

A courtesy letter was sent to each current CSI-Duluth member, thanking them for the hard work and important contributions toward the success of CSI-Duluth in 2005. Each member had an opportunity to determine their ongoing ability to participate on this group.

Communication and Education Small Group Work

The Improved Communication and Education subcommittees are on target with their goals for the upcoming year, and intend to continue making progress in two smaller groups.

The subcommittees met to discuss and develop plans as they move forward with those goals.

Small group work was shared with members.

The Improved Communication Group discussed the value of the Regional Training that was held in November 2005. They will begin to develop an evaluation form to send to each facility, to determine the usefulness of those training sessions as they prepare for upcoming surveys.

The Education Group discussed topics for regional training, to be held tentatively in May or June 2006. The subcommittee determined that the focus will be on the topic of comprehensive assessment. There will be two training sessions with each session being two hours in length, to be held in Duluth and Virginia. Specific dates, times and location information will be given at the next meeting.

Next Steps/Plan Agenda

Suggestions of topics for the March agenda were made.

The next CSI-Duluth meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2006, in the Government Services Center, 320 West Second Street, Room 608, Duluth. It will be held from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., with lunch provided.

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