CSI Duluth March 21, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Summary

Members presentChris Campbell (co-facilitator), Darcy Miner, Virda Hall, Heidi Brown, Larry Penk, Diane Strongitharm, Cindy Green, Diane Pearson, Nikki Boder, Jeri Cummins, Gayle Wallin, Barb Olson, Shane Roche, Jodi Johnson, Stephanie Williams, Nikki Boder.  Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Members absent:  Brian Carlson (co-facilitator), Marilyn Abrahamson, Kristen Larsen, Andy Selvo, David Giese.

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The current members introduced themselves and then welcomed the new members:  Jodi Johnson (Nursing Assistant/Registered), Barb Olson (Social Service Director/Admissions Coordinator), and Shane Roche (Administrator).

Darcy Miner provided an update on a number of topics.

She reported that last month David had made mention of the OHFC report that will be coming out.  That report is now available on the MDH website.  Darcy reviewed the highlights of the report and encouraged members to view the entire report on the web site.

Darcy reported on the current activity at the legislature. There is an assisted living title protection bill that is going through that has been worked on by a very large stakeholder group.  It has been two years in the making.  The bill delineates what requirements must be met in order to refer to a facility as an assisted living facility, such as a 24-hour awake person on site.  There is also a lot of discussion related to case mix at the legislature. There is a great deal of momentum to move from twice a year to a four time a year adjustment of rates. 

Darcy informed the group the IIDR training is scheduled for April 19th.  Discussion was still taking place with the Chicago RO regarding who could attend the training.

There was extensive discussion between CSI-Duluth members regarding the updated information provided.  Concerns were raised about joint training and ensuring training of MDH survey staff on SNF/NF survey protocols continued to be provided as joint training with providers.

The survey communications video script had been sent to each member, to determine if this video could possibly fit into regional trainings.  The group had an opportunity to comment on the script.

Comments from CSI-Duluth members about the video script included:

  • It was a good general overview.
  • It would not be very helpful to family.
  • It was very similar to the other film.
  • They thought there would be more focus on other departments:  dietary, housekeeping and maintenance - it appeared to be geared toward nursing again.

Communication and Education Small Group Work

The Improved Communication and Education subcommittees met for a lengthy period of time to discuss and develop plans as they move forward with their goals.

Small group work was shared with members.

The Improved Communication Group continued to work on an evaluation form to send to each facility, to determine the usefulness of the training sessions as they prepare for upcoming surveys.  A draft was created and will be reviewed to make sure it is drafted appropriately.

There was discussion about a way in which to improve communication between providers and the survey team, with one possibility being the use of a common website, not linked to MDH.

The Education Group discussed topics for regional training, to be held on May 16th at Black Woods Conference Center in Proctor and May 17th at the Park Inn Hotel in Hibbing, from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  There will be theatre seating which will enable each facility to have up to thirteen openings for staff to attend.   In order to enable key staff to attend, facilities will be given the opportunity to divide attendees between the two sites.

It was decided that comprehensive assessment will be the topic for these sessions.  The training session will begin with an hour-long power point presentation to provide education on how to develop a complete assessment.  At that time, there will be small group work to give participants an opportunity to participate in a hands-on session.  The small groups will then return to theatre seating, to review assessments completed by the small groups and further discuss what denotes data collection versus a comprehensive assessment. 

There was discussion about the possibilities of incorporating a minimal charge for these regional training sessions, to cover the costs of coffee, room charge, and hors d’oeuvres.  It was decided that there would be a question on the evaluation form, asking whether participants would be willing to pay for this type of information and training.

Registration information will be sent to facility administrators on April 6, with a deadline to register by email of May 1st.

After lengthy discussion, this committee determined that this training will be presented to only regional facility staff, and on only these two dates. 

Due to this regional training in May, there will not be a CSI-Duluth meeting in May.

Next Steps/Plan Agenda

Suggestions of topics for the April agenda were made.  It was decided that the agenda would be repeated of this month’s agenda, with the main focus continuing to be small group work. 

The next CSI-Duluth meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 18th, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.  The April meeting will be held at a different location due to lack of an available conference room in the Government Services Center.  The committee decided to conduct April's meeting at Black Woods on the Lake, 2525 London Road, Duluth.

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