CSI - Duluth April 6, 2007

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Geoffrey Ryan, Andy Selvo, Larry Penk, Cindy Green, Shane Roche, Darcy Miner, Jeri Cummins, Esther Gieschen, Nancy Christensen, Barb Olson, Pat Halverson

Minutes of meeting 2/2/07 reviewed and approved as written.

Membership: Thanks to Jonathon Hill for his participation. He is no longer on the committee because he’s been hired as a surveyor with the Duluth team. The committee would like to add two (2) DONs and two (2) NAs. Several members have potential new members to contact.

New address for the Alzheimer’s Association is: 2002 West Superior St., 55806, phone 218-733-2560.

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “Since our last CSI-Duluth meeting in January, what questions or comments have people expressed to you about CSI-Duluth?”

Education Group:

Members: Larry Penk, Cindy Green, Barb Olson, Pat Halverson, Esther Gieschen

Planning educational opportunity related to Behavior Management on September 26 and 27, 2007. The 27th will be at Blackwoods Proctor. No definite site for the 27th yet. Larry is working with Cisco regarding the food. The speaker is Jan Garard and her presentation has been sent to Carol Moen for review. The co-chairs will introduce the speakers. We will send the invitations via email to all facilities as soon as we have the second location confirmed. Brenda will handle registration.

Darcy provided an update regarding the history of the statewide stakeholders group, the subsequent development of CSI-Duluth, and the significant value and progress CSI-Duluth has made since January 2005. The positive progress of this committee has required a high level of commitment from members to keep a group like this engaged. Information regarding MDH’s position on the development of a group similar to CSI-Duluth in any other district in the state was given.

Communications Group:

Members: Jeri Cummins, Andy Selvo, Shane Roche, Geoffrey Ryan, Darcy Miner

We need a way to share information on a regular basis with the providers in the district. Plan to get email addresses for all DONs and Administrators for dissemination of information. We will remind them of the MDH website where all training information is posted, including the new pharmacy protocols. We will offer providers an opportunity to provide feedback related to the activities of CSI. The members decided to change the focus from tension related to survey issues to ongoing improved communication to reduce tension related to survey issues.

Jeri suggested that we include survey tips and suggestions to the communication sent to providers. The goal would be to send something out every two months. We’ll add discussion of survey tips and suggestions to the agenda for each regular meeting.

The group determined that monthly meetings through the summer were important and we will continue.


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