CSI Duluth April 21, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Summary

Members present:  Christine Campbell (co-chair), Brian Carlson (co-chair), Stephanie Jost, Cindy Green, Jeri Cummins, Barb Olson, Larry Penk, Andy Selvo, David Giese, Gayle Wallin, Shane Roche, Heidi Brown, Diane Strongitharm, Jodi Johnson, Nikki Boder, Diane Pearson.  Brenda Lally, administrative support.

Members absent:  Darcy Miner, Marilyn Abrahamson, Virda Hall

Welcome, Introductions and Updates

The members introduced themselves and answered the question, “Since our last CSI-Duluth meeting in March, what questions or comments have people expressed to you about this group’s work?” 

David Giese provided an update. He indicated the revisit policy is being reviewed related to on site visits. The policy is being review to see if there is a way revisit hours can be reallocated to spend more time with providers having more difficulty with compliance. There are many factors to be considered as this policy is developed. David indicated this policy would be shared with the statewide stakeholder group next week. He also indicated it would need to be reviewed and approved by CMS prior to implementation.

Communication and Education Small Group Work

The Improved Communication and Education subcommittees met for small group work for an extensive period of time.

Small group work was shared with members.

The Improved Communication group reviewed the evaluation form draft that has been created to determine the usefulness of the Regional Training sessions that were held in November 2005. The group did make some changes to the survey form. A cover letter will be created to indicate the importance of assisting CSI members in evaluating the effectiveness of the training, the impact of CSI-Duluth activities, and will help to guide the committee in planning future activities and training sessions. It will be indicated on the form that this will presented as a CSI-Duluth document, not MDH driven. It will be sent to the administrator and director of nursing of each SNF/NF facility in the region. The letters will be sent on April 27, to be completed and returned to Brian Carlson in an enclosed self-addressed envelope, with a return date of May 12.

The group is very hopeful to continue the progress of development of a CSI-Duluth website, not linked to MDH. It will be used by providers and the survey team to improve communication and share best practices. There is a local cooperative that a number of facilities currently use who have agreed to post information on the website with no charge to us. There was discussion about the type of information this site would post as well as the possibility of use of an email link. Nikki will continue to work with individuals on the development of the actual design of the website.

There was discussion by the entire committee, with regard to the information provided by the Improved Communication group.

The Education group provided information about the progress of the CSI-Duluth Regional Training to be held on May 16th at Black Woods Conference Center in Proctor and May 17th at the Hibbing Park Hotel in Hibbing, from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at each location. There will be no cost. The topic for these sessions will be comprehensive assessment. The targeted audience is the entire interdisciplinary team responsible for completing comprehensive assessments and any individuals assisting with data collection.

Upon conclusion of this training and presentation, those attending will be able to:

  • Share practices with staff from other facilities
  • Understand what data collection is and what role it has in completing comprehensive assessments
  • Complete a comprehensive assessment

After the training session, there will be a cash bar and hors d'oeuvres available. This will provide an opportunity for further discussion of regional concerns, as well as getting to know one another. Hors d’oeuvres will be courtesy of Don Fena, a district sales manager from TENA.

The administrator from each regional facility has received the regional training information and registration form, and the director of nursing from each facility has been emailed that same information. Registrations are currently being received for each session, with the deadline for registration being May 1st.

Each member (not MDH staff) of this committee will be assigned to call facilities not yet registered, to encourage them to register staff, mention the benefits of registering staff for either one session, or staggering the registration between both sessions to allow for facility coverage, and mention that there will be CEU's available.

There was lengthy discussion about the strategy to ensure successful outcome of the training sessions with this many participants and which will include the number of small, diverse breakout groups. It is critical that each CSI-Duluth member and the Duluth survey team realize the importance of committee members attending both sessions. For the success of this CSI-Duluth sponsored training of this magnitude, it will rely on active participation and assistance to ensure that these sessions run smoothly.

Committee members discussed and decided that this CSI-Duluth sponsored training will be presented to only regional facility staff, and on only these two dates. No one outside of the region would be extended an invitation to attend. It is a regional education process to encourage communication within our region during the survey process as well as outside the survey process.

Due to this regional training in May, there will not be a CSI-Duluth meeting in May.

Next Steps/Plan Agenda

Suggestions of topics for the June agenda were made. They will include discussion of the evaluations of the November 2005 regional training, the evaluations of the May 2006 regional training, and all aspects of the process for each of those trainings.

The next CSI-Duluth meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 20th, from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

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