CSI - Duluth May 4, 2007

Meeting Summary

Members Present: Andy Selvo, Barb Olson, Brian Carlson, Darcy Miner, Esther Gieschen, Jeri Cummins, Larry Penk, Nancy Christenson, Shane Roche, Pat Halverson

Minutes of meeting 4/6/07 reviewed and approved with corrected date for Hibbing education day.

About CSI:

Jeri: on survey recently with a new administrator with questions about CSI. Positive comments about the impact CSI has had on survey process. Attempting to find a NA to participate in CSI. Unable to contact Jody.

Darcy: Minnesota approved for QIS survey, October 07 start anticipated. Staffing changes, Carol Herschfeld retired, Linda Tallaksen replaced her. Bob Gunkle retiring in June, and Pam Kerson taking his place. Mike Tripple retiring in July, will post for an assistant division director. Mentioned CSI at MNDONA, interest by Leah Erickson and Debee Stassen.

Larry: Rick Carter of Care Providers is retiring. Wendy Lonetto declined opportunity to participate in CSI. Mercy has an interim DON so not a good candidate. Legislative session has providers concerned about reimbursement.

Andy: showing survey DVD to families

Esther: Getting calls from SNF/ALHCP about dose reductions of cholinesterase inhibitors. Dose reductions are being seen as mandatory.

Darcy: Ongoing questions about assessment. Mary Absolon is looking and will respond. Darcy suggests the data is the “what” and the analysis is the “so what”.

Nancy: no questions, pharmacy protocol is a work in process.

Barb: Questions from Jan Garard about what is CSI and what we do. Asked about types of facilities invited to presentation and who are the participants.

Brian: hasn’t heard anything.

Shane: has the data base ready and will share it with Brenda. He will contact Debee Stassen from Pine City about participating in CSI.

Jeri presented a draft version of information r/t unnecessary drugs (F329).

Larry had questions about tissue tolerance assessments, how to do it correctly.

Education Group:

Dates are:
September 26 at Grandma’s Park in Hibbing
September 27 at Blackwoods Proctor

Jeri Cummins – presentation r/t assessment, F tags and resident rights.
Jan Garard: “Changing Your Behavior to Prevent Behavioral Symptoms.”

Time: 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM each session. Lunch not provided. Snacks and social time following presentations each day.

Brenda will prepare an announcement for approval by Shane and Brian. The announcement will be sent out very soon to give facilities ability to plan. We’ll do the final details and registration later. Each facility should be able to send approximately 13 staff to the sessions. Late registration will allow larger facilities to bring more people.

Brenda will prepare draft invitations/registrations for June meeting.

Possible topic for education opportunity spring 08 is pharmacy.

Communications Group:

Looking to develop a system to share information on a monthly basis. Hopefully send by email the Monday after each CSI meeting. Hope to start after June meeting. Topics will be CSI survey tips, suggestions, best practice. Include general statement about the purpose of CSI, what and who we are. Also include a disclaimer that we are not MDH.

Suggested topics:

    Pneumococcal/influenza vaccination information in the fall
    Skin assessment, tissue tolerance
    Resident non-compliance issues
    Proper repositioning
    Care Plan = care


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